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Attachment Upload Progress Bar

05/08/2020 15:34:20 In Geminate Consultancy Services
progress, bar, attachment, upload, progressbar, percentage, cancel, avoid, mistake, odoo
Geminate comes with a feature to display a progress bar while uploading an attachments in discuss menu, formview mail chatter, and mail compose wizard

E-Learning Section(s) Expand/Collapse

30/07/2020 05:58:06 In Geminate Consultancy Services
elearning, section, expand, collapse, user friendly, website, course, accordion, effect, geminate
Geminate comes with a handy feature for you to expand and collapse section(s) on E-Learning platform. so it is easy for you to read and switch to any

Odoo Point of Sale Invoice Preview

02/08/2018 12:17:38 In Geminate Consultancy Services
preview, invoice, point of sale, pos, pdf, export
No need to download invoice compulsory, now you can preview first and if you want then you can download manytime by geminate consultancy services.

Web Language Translator

01/04/2017 09:47:02 In Geminate Consultancy Services
website, language, translator
This app will add new control in web backend to enable language translator.

Website Language Translator

01/04/2017 09:46:45 In Geminate Consultancy Services
website, language, translator, lingual, native
This app will add new control in website to enable language translator.

Odoo Website Product Video

10/03/2017 11:16:39 In Geminate Consultancy Services
odoo, website, product, demo video, video
This app will introduce a new control of product video in website and it supports embed youtube video format.

Payment to Multiple Clients

21/01/2017 07:36:34 In Geminate Consultancy Services
multiple payment, multiple payment to invoice, payment to multiple clients, multi clients, multi payment
This app remove the restriction of single client payment at a time from Payment Wizard so we can select any number of clients from invoice list & pay

Website Megamenu Product Snippet

26/12/2016 10:57:48 In Geminate Consultancy Services
megamenu, product category, product top menu, odoo megamenu, website menu, website sale mega menu, website sale megamenu
GeminateCS's this app will add new snippet for Product Menu which can be drag n drop to Product Mega menu to show product categories in Top Menu.

Track Realtime Product Sale History

04/10/2016 12:00:45 In Geminate Consultancy Services
sale, history, product history, sale history, realtime history
Add feature to show realtime product sale history for related customer while making sale quotation/order by GeminateCS

Activate developer mode in odoo v10

03/10/2016 11:21:14 In Geminate Consultancy Services
odoo, 10, odoo 10, odoo version 10, odoo v10, developer mode, debug, developer, mode
Activate developer mode in odoo v10 by following easy step GeminateCS

Pick, Pack, Check and Ship with Odoo

01/10/2016 07:39:41 In Geminate Consultancy Services
odoo routing, pick pack, dropship, warehouse, routing
Odoo stock routing (pick>pack>check>ship) with configuration for any industry by GeminateCS. Visit Us to explore the configuration.

Product All Pricing based on Pricelist

28/09/2016 12:51:44 In Geminate Consultancy Services
odoo pricelist, sales pricelist, purchase pricelist, product pricelist, all product price, pricing, sale price, product
GeminateCS brings pricing matrix based on price lists on product varients formview.

Microsoft Outlook 365 Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server Configuration

24/09/2016 10:49:58 In Geminate Consultancy Services
microsoft outlook, outlook 365, incoming mail server, outgoing mail server
Contact US to get the configuration steps for outlook 365 incoming/outgoing mail server.

Website Image Popup

21/09/2016 10:25:03 In Geminate Consultancy Services
image zoom, image popup, photo gallery, website builder
Set image popup effect on any image on your customized website page in odoo cms by using Geminate Website Image Popup

IM Chat Extension (Edit/Remove Messages) (v9)

25/08/2016 09:14:13 In Geminate Consultancy Services
instant messaging, chat, im chat, im livechat, edit message, remove message, recent message, update remove message, odoo livechat, im chat extension
IM Chat Extension Add new feature of Edit/Remove messages in Direct Messages as well as Private Channels User can Edit/Remove their own Recent message

Customer specific Product Code and Name

25/07/2016 13:29:15 In Geminate Consultancy Services
customerwise product name, customer product code, customer product name, product code, product name, customer specific product
This app will add feature to manage products having customer specific code and name and that will be used for sales process.

Report Aged Partner Balance in XLS

25/07/2016 13:13:59 In Geminate Consultancy Services
aged partner balance, partner reports, accounting partner reports, partner aged balance excel, aged partner balance xls
This app adds XLS export to the following Generic Reporting > Partners reports: Aged Partner Balance