Ecommerce Product Add By Barcode

Ecommerce Product Add
By Barcode

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➥ Geminate comes with an amazing feature of "Autodesk Tinkercad" tool which helps your production     manager to design any part or machine and generate embed code. that code can be easily added on work     order operations inside the worksheet section. the benefit of this tool is, workcenter operators get     accurate designs and sizes which they just need to follow to prepare the final finished product or semi-        finished product. IN case, if there is plan change then the production manager can modify the design     or     sizes on Autodesk tinkercad and it will automatically sync the design on work center operation without     any human effort.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Easy to add products using internal reference or barcode.

➟ Barcode Supports on website.

➟ Easy to to add multiple products in cart.

➟ Speed up your process and saves huge amount of time.

➟ Easy to setup, use and very quick.


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