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Product Average Sales

Geminate comes with a feature of implementing product average sales analysis. it helps to generate average sales of a product by a certain period of time with customer filtering. by using this feature, you can get an overall idea of total average sales of a particular product by customer in a certain period. It groups all similar product of sale orders and finding average unit price of product and prepares subtotal based on their sold qty. so we can find most and least sold products which helps to take appropriate action to raise the sales of least product and attract customers. we can motivate or reward customers who bought it most in a certain period.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesAugust 2021 140

Web Files Clipboard Upload

Geminate comes with a feature of instant file uploading by Drag & Drop OR Copy + Paste from clipboard OR Browse File (s). it provides instant preview image, video and file format type with nice graphical icons. very user friendly to copy any image from folder or any website and paste on dialog then easily upload. it supports multiple file(s) uploading on attachment using Drag & Drop OR Copy + Paste from clipboard OR Browse File (s). even you can remove unwanted files if you want if mistakenly uploaded or copy-pasted. By that way, you can easily visualize and upload multiple file(s) on attachment very quickly.
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Web Image Editor

Geminate Consultancy ServicesAugust 2021 118

Website Digital Signage

Geminate comes with a feature for implementing digital signage in various ways. It will help to create multiple signage by using various snippets. it will increase sales of products or you can use it for index menus and advertising purposes. multiple signages will be grouped by users. you can easily create your customized signage using your own images, videos, and website snippets. A key benefit of this feature is, you can create any customer-specific digital signage and share the unique URL so they can review it, or maybe you can use LED displays and open that URL in the browser in fullscreen mode.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesAugust 2021 139

Employee Attendance Analysis

Geminate comes with Dynamic reports based on employee's attendances and contract's calendar. Among other things, it lets you see the amount of working hours outside and inside the contract's working schedule (overtime). It also provides a daily based report, showing the detailed and total hours compared to calendar hours. Several analysis settings can be configured, like: - Tolerance for sign-in and sign-out - Attendances and overtimes rounding - Different types of overtime, according to the overtime amount
Geminate Consultancy ServicesAugust 2021 143

Web Document Locker

Geminate comes with a feature of create locker for users.Eny user create folder in locker and add important files in folder. All Folder are create on attachment but do not show this file data when download it so it is secure to add important data on this folder. Users are easy to share,delete,copy,download,move for this folder. Add password on folder then all time password is required when open,copy eny other operation is performed. user is securely & easy to share this folder to other user. Other user show this folder data but enable to delete this folder. When the user does not know the password, the password will be sent to the user's email.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesAugust 2021 118