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Chatter Message Visibility

Geminate comes with a feature to show / hide 'Messages', 'Log Notes' and 'Activities' from chatter on formview. you will get a complete separated list of all the messages, log notes and activities from chatter on formview. Benefit of this feature is that you can easily get a separate list of the all the messages, log notes and activities from chatter on formview. Additionally it can load messages, log notes and activities in chatter without refresh formview and reduce formview load time as well.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesDecember 2020 78

Geminate Base Import

Geminate comes with feature to skip the rows of corrupted relational data without giving any error and process the file for remaining datas which are correct. When file is imported succesfully you can download the csv file of corrupted data if corrupted record exists in imported file.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesOctober 2020 131

Geminate Website Gallery

Geminate comes with a handy feature to use gallery snippet which supports multiple image, multiple video and multiple image + video together in same gallery. additionally it allows to autoplay of video to have smooth interaction with gallery without noticing at user perspective like whether it is video or some GIF image. it allows to put on image caption as well, which visible in slideshow.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesOctober 2020 117

Workorder(s) Mass Production

Geminate comes with a feature to produce multiple work order(s) on a single click regardless of different manufacturing order(s). Features:- - WO mass production process upto 'Finished' stage including routing and non-routing scenarios. - Raise a warning if selected WO(s) are 'Finished' already. - Supports routing and non routing. - Speed up your manufacturing process will bulk of production - Quick and easy
Geminate Consultancy ServicesOctober 2020 101