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Sale Product Template Pricelist

Geminate comes with a unqiue feature for pricelist with containing product (template), so on the time of purchase if you are adding product and their related variants with multiple individual product lines then rule will get in effect based on total number of quantity for variants of same product (template). Originally in standard odoo, it is affecting the rule on each individual product line instead of group of product variants belong to same product (template) inside one order or shopping cart.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesFebruary 2021 162

Multi Chatbot Connector

Geminate comes with a feature of connecting multi chatbots under the same roof and instantly auto activates them based on pre-configured settings based on sequence of chatbots for website live chat.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesFebruary 2021 106

Laundry Management with Point of Sale Support

Geminate comes with Laundry Management System with power of point of sale and multi warehouse where you can manage laundry movement within various warehouse locations.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesFebruary 2021 91

Web Twitter Post Tweets

Geminate comes with a feature to post tweets with images, gif and video as an attachment on twitter. additionally, you can remove and re-tweet posts as well. it will fetch automatically a total number of likes per post based on a certain time period.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesJanuary 2021 105

Email Alias with Multiple Domain and Multi Company - Helpdesk

Geminate comes with a feature to support company wise multiple alias domains for helpdesk teams which will create tickets from incoming emails when the incoming mail server is configured proper company specific. you can set multiple alias domains and their name in 'Helpdesk Team'. you can configure multiple email aliases with multiple domains and every email will fetch in the exact destination database table record as per configuration. no limit of single website domain based email aliases.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesJanuary 2021 119

Mail SMTP and IMAP + Alias Domain By Company Reply-to

Geminate comes with a feature to support multiple domain and multi company reply-to emailing systems in support of 'Mail SMTP and IMAP + Alias Domain By Company' app. It supports below listed scenarios, If a data record associated with alias and alias having company based domain name configured then alias@company-alias-alias_domain_name will set a reply-to email address. If a data record associated with alias but alias doesn't have domain name configured then alias@user-current_company-alias_domain_name will set a reply-to email address. If a data record doesn't associate to alias but is attached to a related company then catchall@company-alias-alias_domain_name on reply-to email address. If a data record doesn't associate to alias nor attached to related company then catchall@user-current_company-alias-alias_domain_name on reply-to email address.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesDecember 2020 113

Website Video Translate

Geminate comes with a feature to add multiple preferable language videos on a website using snippet. visitors can get relevant video as per their active language and watch the video. it helps to configure multiple video URLs from one location with pairing of language selection. additionally it will filter videos based on the website's language if language is not selected from the Geminate Website Language Translate app.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesNovember 2020 190

Geminate Website Gallery

Geminate comes with a handy feature to use gallery snippet which supports multiple image, multiple video and multiple image + video together in same gallery. additionally it allows to autoplay of video to have smooth interaction with gallery without noticing at user perspective like whether it is video or some GIF image. it allows to put on image caption as well, which visible in slideshow.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesOctober 2020 174