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Point of Sale Receipt Preview

Geminate comes with a feature to preview point of sale orders before validating them. it provides an on demand 'Preview' button on the payment screen. you can preview or print receipts as well before final validation.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesJune 2021 68

Mail ReplyTo By Company

Geminate comes with a feature to auto set email's reply_to alias based on company specific. It provides an additional field to configure reply_to alias under company settings and it will autoset based on the active company of the logged in user.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesJune 2021 85

Website Livechat Leads

Geminate comes with a feature for website visitors / public users to fill out forms for submitting any queries or issues and on submission those information will generate leads in CRM. it will help easily to identify issues or queries for the administrator. on clicking the 'Send' button it will display an user friendly waiting screen with timer and animation. it will redirect the website visitor / public users to live chat after filling out the form with accurate details and auto assign 'Salesperson' and 'Sales Team' from the configuration on generated leads for future followup.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesApril 2021 179

Google reCAPTCHA

Geminate comes with a feature to add google reCAPTCHA on Login page, Signup Page and Reset Password Page. by using this feature, google reCAPTCHA protects your website from fraud and abuse. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. main goal of this app is to check if a user is a real person or a bot. it is easy for humans to solve, but hard for bots and other malicious software to figure out.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesJanuary 2021 176

Email Alias with Multiple Domain and Multi Company - Helpdesk

Geminate comes with a feature to support company wise multiple alias domains for helpdesk teams which will create tickets from incoming emails when the incoming mail server is configured proper company specific. you can set multiple alias domains and their name in 'Helpdesk Team'. you can configure multiple email aliases with multiple domains and every email will fetch in the exact destination database table record as per configuration. no limit of single website domain based email aliases.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesJanuary 2021 191

Website Live Chatbot with MCQ

Geminate comes with feature to smooth your support system with less man power with help of scripted chatbot. it supports MCQ (Multiple Choice, Single Answer) type of questions which reduce effort of customer to key in long explanation and allows us to collect accurate information from them. you can configure multiple choice answers in Text OR Image OR Image + Text format which provide excellent appearance for your customer. it is more facilitate the mechanism of survey scheme. We provides fully configurable support channel with enable/disable chatbot, private chat, type of communication in related channel with help of category of support and even you can assign as many as operators under channel based on their expertise. We are sending complete communication chat history to customers in terms to manage quality of our support system and gethering valuable feedback from them as well.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesJanuary 2021 195

Chatter Message Visibility

Geminate comes with a feature to show / hide 'Messages', 'Log Notes' and 'Activities' from chatter on formview. you will get a complete separated list of all the messages, log notes and activities from chatter on formview. Benefit of this feature is that you can easily get a separate list of the all the messages, log notes and activities from chatter on formview. Additionally it can load messages, log notes and activities in chatter without refresh formview and reduce formview load time as well.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesDecember 2020 210

Mail SMTP and IMAP + Alias Domain By Company Reply-to

Geminate comes with a feature to support multiple domain and multi company reply-to emailing systems in support of 'Mail SMTP and IMAP + Alias Domain By Company' app. It supports below listed scenarios, If a data record associated with alias and alias having company based domain name configured then alias@company-alias-alias_domain_name will set a reply-to email address. If a data record associated with alias but alias doesn't have domain name configured then alias@user-current_company-alias_domain_name will set a reply-to email address. If a data record doesn't associate to alias but is attached to a related company then catchall@company-alias-alias_domain_name on reply-to email address. If a data record doesn't associate to alias nor attached to related company then catchall@user-current_company-alias-alias_domain_name on reply-to email address.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesDecember 2020 179

Error Notification Mail

Geminate comes with a feature to suppress all the ugly and more technical surprising tracebacks and error for your customer / users. It provides more user friendly notification box and sending all the information related to those surprising tracebacks / error to your system administrator to look into it and fix them. whenever any error occurs at that time a silent mail sent out with all the information and additional error log created in separate menu where you can review the details in case if you don't have outgoing mail server configured those error logs stays there until you manually delete them.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesDecember 2020 202

Shipment Label Auto Email

Geminate comes with a feature of 'Auto' send an email to shippers for shipping lables for shipment (delivery order) at the time of 'Validate'.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesOctober 2020 239