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Website Livechat Leads

Geminate comes with a feature for website visitors / public users to fill out forms for submitting any queries or issues and on submission those information will generate leads in CRM. it will help easily to identify issues or queries for the administrator. on clicking the 'Send' button it will display an user friendly waiting screen with timer and animation. it will redirect the website visitor / public users to live chat after filling out the form with accurate details and auto assign 'Salesperson' and 'Sales Team' from the configuration on generated leads for future followup.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesApril 2021 179

Sales Team Access Control

Geminate comes with a feature for the sales team to control access on Sale Quotation / Sale Order, CRM Leads, Sales Teams and Contacts based on Team Leader / Team Member. It provides one more level of security where team leaders can access all data of their team member BUT team members can access only data of their own. it helps to secure your data and provide necessary information to the desired role of user.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesDecember 2020 143

Auto Assign Sales Person

Geminate comes with a feature to auto assign salesperson on Sale quotation / Sale order, CRM Leads, Customer Invoice / Credit note and Customer. It provides complete dynamic configuration that helps autoset sales person based on existing records of related database object. you can select checkbox from setting for particular database object. For Sale quotation / Sale order, CRM Leads, Customer Invoice / Credit note : it works based on existing records and customer set on them of related database object. For Customer: it works based on new lead / opportunity created for existing customer and a salesperson assigned on that lead / opportunity.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesNovember 2020 207