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Multi Chatbot Connector

Geminate comes with a feature of connecting multi chatbots under the same roof and instantly auto activates them based on pre-configured settings based on sequence of chatbots for website live chat.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesFebruary 2021 258

Website Rasa Chatbot

Geminate comes with features to smooth your support system with less manpower with the help of rasa chatbot. We provide you a fully configurable support channel with enable/disable rasa chatbot, type of communication in related channels with help of category of support and even you can assign as many as operators under channel based on their expertise. We are sending complete communication chat history to customers in terms of managing the quality of our support system and gathering valuable feedback from them as well. Additionally it works in a multi company environment as well.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesDecember 2020 418

Geminate Face Recognition Attendance

Geminate introduce a feature to support face recognition based attendance system using kiosk mode. it is a new step towards AI (Artificial Intelligence) in odoo with help of deep learning. geminate has tried to secure attendance system more efficiently with advance technology. so no more proxy attendance or fake attendance :)
Geminate Consultancy ServicesDecember 2020 305