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Point of Sale Backend Saleflow

Geminate comes with the features for creation of order from point of sale backend orders menu. it helps a complete sales order cycle for individual point of sale sessions including order creation, payment, receipt + invoice printing. additionally it will provide you to return sold products and refund payment as well.
Geminate Consultancy Services July 2021 289

Product Add By Barcode Scanner

Geminate comes with a feature to add products on Sales Order, Purchase Order, Customer Invoices / Vendor Bills and Stock Pickings using barcode scanner. just open a form view and add mandatory fields then save. now you are able to add any number of products in fractions of seconds by barcode scanner. It will help to add multiple products in product lines with multiple qty. It supports the pricelist based pricing and even you can edit the product price or qty after scanning using barcode. First priority is given to the barcode and then internal reference during scanning mode
Geminate Consultancy Services April 2021 271

Sale Product Template Pricelist

Geminate comes with a unqiue feature for pricelist with containing product (template), so on the time of purchase if you are adding product and their related variants with multiple individual product lines then rule will get in effect based on total number of quantity for variants of same product (template). Originally in standard odoo, it is affecting the rule on each individual product line instead of group of product variants belong to same product (template) inside one order or shopping cart.
Geminate Consultancy Services February 2021 490

Geminate Export Listview

Geminate comes with a feature of export all data from listview for any database object. it allows to export data in two type of file formats like XLSX and CSV.
Geminate Consultancy Services October 2020 485

Product All Pricing based on Pricelist

This app add 'Pricing' tab next to 'Sales' tab on Product Varients Formview. - Provide a price matrix based on price lists
Geminate Consultancy Services September 2016 1388

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