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Geminate Website Gallery

Geminate comes with a handy feature to use gallery snippet which supports multiple image, multiple video and multiple image + video together in same gallery. additionally it allows to autoplay of video to have smooth interaction with gallery without noticing at user perspective like whether it is video or some GIF image. it allows to put on image caption as well, which visible in slideshow.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesOctober 2020 42

E-Learning Section(s) Expand/Collapse

Geminate comes with a handy feature for you to expand and collapse section(s) on E-Learning platform. so it is easy for you to read and switch to any section and they sub contents easily without longer page.
Geminate Consultancy ServicesJuly 2020 162

Odoo Website Product Video

Geminate Consultancy ServicesMarch 2017 1511

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