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Geminate comes with a feature of Project Sub Projects. it allows you to divide your main project in multiple sub projects to divide the project plan into multiple phases. you can assign different levels of roles to those sub projects or projects like User, Project Coordinator, Admin. when manager is assigned as project coordinator then he can access his own project plus all sub projects within it. it shows warnings on projects and subprojects deletion. you can easily analyze the large project.

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Geminate comes with a feature to enable restriction on employees to join / work in a particular department when their age comes between certain age criteria. it allows to configure the 'Minimum Age' and 'Maximum Age' range on the department which will auto validate at the time of employee creation, department change when 'Date of Birth' is properly configured over there. Benefit of this feature is, HR Team can easily validate at the time of moving employee from one department to another whether that employee matches the criteria for example an employee with 65 Age can not work in production department so it will validate at the same time when HR Team is trying to change the department OR trying to hire any older candidate for that particular department.

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Geminate comes with a feature to pin important or favorite records from listview / treeview. which helps to save your time in search the records manually all the time. no need to worry, now you can review most priority records very easily and quickly. it is available for any listview / treeview regardless of pagination limit. in short 'Top of the mind, Top of the list'

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