How does Odoo 15 differ from

Odoo 14?

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➥Odoo, a well-known open-source ERP solution, and business software have been fully integrated into a     single powerful and adaptable management software that can handle a wide range of business     requirements.

➥ As a globally powerful ERP suite, it never fails to provide an improved version to its users each year. Odoo     14 was released last year and was heralded as the best, fastest, most up-to-date, and technologically     advanced version yet. Odoo 15 will, on the other hand, be released during the two-day online Odoo     experience event on October 6th and 7th.

➥ This most recent Odoo version is a planned upgrade that includes a number of new modules and enhanced     capabilities. Odoo 14.0 is more focused on employee time savings and cross-application integration than     Odoo 14.0. Odoo 15 will be more advanced and feature-rich than previous versions, allowing businesses to     run more efficiently and effectively.

➥ A look at Odoo 15's new features and opportunities will help you understand why Odoo 15 is superior to     Odoo 14. If you intend to upgrade from Odoo 14 to 15, you will also be able to adjust to changes more     quickly.

➥ Odoo Version 14 vs. Odoo Version 15 –

Point Of Sale

Odoo 14
Odoo 14 introduced two new user interfaces for PoS. As a result, the user could easily personalize the new product and its parent category. Another new feature is the option to bill via email.

Odoo 14 introduced two new product features: pricing lists and consumer loyalty programs, both of which were not available in previous versions of Odoo.

The newly designed PoS app module in Odoo 14 makes it simple to integrate up to six additional payment methods. The user can easily update the inventory in the PoS with real-time updates at the end of each session.

Odoo 15

This version includes the module's primary feature from version 14 as well as two new features: the coupon program and the Promotion program, both of which will be introduced in the pricing section of the settings.

The coupon program function will help you create and save coupon data for future use. You can then easily select the product and apply saved coupons at the point of sale.

It will appear on the product’s invoice, which will be visible to the customer. Coupons and marketing programs for point-of-sale (POS) products can be used here.

During the checkout process, you can specify whether or not the ship's later facility is required to complete the order. A cash-in and cash-out feature has also been added to the POS.

CRM Module

Odoo 14
Last year, a new lead generation tab was added to Odoo 14's CRM module. This allows the user to generate leads that include information such as state, country, industry size, and other variables.

Odoo 14 also includes advanced features like the ability to enter a customer's email address and phone number.

Odoo 15
This version includes an improved CRM feature that will enhance lead handling activity. Using the domain mechanism, it assigns leads to specific teams. To do so, navigate to CRM Leads Management Team Assignation and assign a domain to each team.

These domains are essentially countries with scores.

This will increase sales activity and associated team members' participation in lead generation.

Inventory Management 

Odoo 14
Odoo 14 introduced a well-organized inventory overview system, as well as tabs for document collection, packaging, and internal transfer.

The primary benefit of Odoo 14 over previous versions is its replenishment feature – the replenishment option. The tab aids you in locating items in stock and forecasting popular items. It also allows for the creation of reordering rules, which improves the scientific nature of the replenishing process.

Odoo 15

Now, let's look at what Odoo 15 has that Odoo 14 doesn't.

An eCommerce site can sell a website gift card.

When Gift Cards are purchased, it generates one-of-a-kind codes, which are then sent to customers via email or in person.

These Odoo apps/modules generate multiple unique codes for multiple gift card purchases. Odoo 15 comes with a slew of new features.

Discuss Module

Odoo 14
Odoo Discuss is an effective tool for improving an organization's external communication. This solution allows the company to create both public and private communication zones for its employees. Employees can use this application to share their ideas and participate in chat conversations with their coworkers.

In addition, Odoo offers message privacy and security, as well as the ability to lock communications. Odoo Discuss can be used in conjunction with all other modules to efficiently manage activities.

Odoo 15

The main highlight of Odoo 15 is the Discuss feature. Discuss enables you to centralize all of your company's communication via calls, videos, chats, and so on, all within a single app. It incorporates some features from Version 14 such as inviting new members to the group via a link, document sharing, direct messages, public and private channels, sharing slides, editing and star messages, sharing emojis, and so on.

Other features of this module are as follows-

Checking status online and offline
Also available on mobile devices
Meetings can be attended by anyone who is not an internal/database user. Zoom is similar to Google Meet, Teams, and other similar services.
All other Odoo apps are integrated.
Also available in the community version
At any given time, up to 40 people can join the call.
The background cannot be blurred or hidden.
Can invite from an external database at any time during the call.
The maximum attachment size is 128MB.
Can schedule future meeting links from the Calendar Doesn't block a person on the call who is discussing something
The chat story will continue as long as you keep the channel open.

Purchase Management

Odoo 14

Through a unified dashboard view, Odoo 14 emphasizes organization and ease of comprehension. Odoo 14 provides a compact and appealing display with detailed information on requests that must be issued, those that are pending, and those that are late. It also provides an accurate lead time estimate.

These developments may be able to help your company's performance improve. Another new feature in Odoo 14 is the confirmation prompt. This feature is included in Odoo 14 to assist small businesses.

Odoo 15

Odoo 15's Purchase Dashboard provides an accurate and elegant view of the dashboard, including all purchase numbers and graphs. This dashboard contains enough information to compute the taxed and untaxed totals. Navigate to the reporting tab on the Odoo 15 dashboard.

Website Functions And Features

Odoo 14
Working SEO features such as Google Analytics and search tools in the console can be accessed via the Odoo 14 website module's configured parameters. Odoo 14's new website module is a godsend for every company's digital marketing team.

Odoo 15
The sharing feature of the eCommerce website platform can be used.

The product includes share buttons that can be used to share it on various social media platforms through the website portal.

These options make it easy to share information on a platform in order to finish the product.

In conclusion

There are many feature differences between Odoo 14 and 15 that can be easily adjusted once you start using Odoo 15. It's understandable that businesses use Odoo, and then, after a year, a completely new version is released, forcing employees to change yet again. But that's the beauty of Odoo: it's always up to date and keeps its users up to date. Regardless of the changes, Odoo 15 will undoubtedly improve the experience of your employees and other users.

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