How to Configure and Sell Own Set of Variants Instead of Fixed Attribute Combination on Ecommerce?

How to Configure and Sell Own Set of Variants Instead of Fixed Attribute Combination on Ecommerce?

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➥ Geminate comes with an amazing feature of E-commerce Product(s) with Independent Attributes.     Independent attributes which means in standard flow when you configure attributes and values on product     template, automatically it prepares a combination of variants whether you are selling that individual     combination or not which usually happens in real business scenarios. even that makes problems while     modifying the pricing for individual combinations using the extra price.

➥ to resolve that problem, we came up with a solution where you can add product attributes and their values     individually on any set of products regardless of automatic generation of variants.

➥ So, when you configure attributes and values on individual products and then on the main parent product,     you can configure all the associated combinations of attributes + all the individual products which are     associated with those attributes combinations available for selling. customers can only get the list of     variants which are available for the main parent product and their individual images from the product     itself.

➥ Now, you can keep all the products separately and link them to parent products based on attributes and set     of individual child products with their own images and their own prices, Yon can decide which is the main     product by 'Website Shop' checkbox and based on that it will display on shop.

➥ When customers visit your store, they can find main product with attributes and variants will appear on the     website. Here they can see all the attributes and variants associated with their child's product as well as     the price and image. If they choose a different attribute and variant for your product then her image and     price will be automatically updated with her related product. In case the selected product is not available     then the product attribute and variant are disabled so you cannot select it and the add to cart button is     disabled so they cannot add your product.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ A product attribute and variant will be automatically     disabled when it is unavailable. 

➟ Add an additional image for your child's product.

➟ Disable add to cart automatically when the product is     unavailable.

➟ Add attributes and values for parent and child     products.

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ No more bound on automatically generated variants     from attribute combinations. 

➟ Make your own set of variants and products     individually and link them. Easy to update price and     sell individually.

➟ Image and Price will automatically update based on     related products.

➟ Easy to use and quick to apply.


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