How to Edit
Image / Photo Digitally ?

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➥ Geminate comes with an amazing feature where you can edit any uploaded images to highlight some     portion for easy understanding. it allows capturing live pictures by either front camera or rear camera with     help of flash for clearer picture. Due to which there is dynamism in the work and we can easily tell the     change in the image to convey a proper message to the receiver. Image / Photo Digital Editor offers three     options.

1. Capture Image: In this, we can take live pictures from the front and rear camera and can tell the changes in it with the help of a pen picker and pen color which makes it easy to understand.

2. Upload Image: In this, we can select any image from the file system based on our requirements and can tell by marking the changes in it.

3. Reset: In this, we can see the default image and can make changes according to the need.

We can easily use the live image taken in an image digital editor and also give us the download option so that we can download it easily and tell it the change with the help of pen picker and pen color makes it very easy.

Web Images can be easily configured for the image in the digital editor and for the modifications to be made to the image easily.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Allows you to select a picture and also take a     real- time picture.

➟ Allows to mark the change with the help of pen color     and pen picker on the image.

➟ Choose different pictures to suit your needs.

➟ Offers the ability to download live pictures.

➟ Capture live images on both front and rear camera     with flash.

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ Pen picker and pen color both show changes in the     image with different colors which becomes easy to     understand.

➟ Provides an option to reset image and upload image     and take live image.

➟ It can be configured very easily so that different     settings are available.

➟ Saves a lot of time by taking the image and changing     it using a different device.

➟ Easy to use and quick to apply.


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