How To Make and Manage Your Task Smart?

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➥ A text description of the task describes what is known about the work. Describe what is to be done and the     deliverables that will be produced. Provide any information known about related activities. Anything     created may need a review or test task. Everything reviewed should have a rework task. Remember to     describe any documentation, testing, or training that will occur as part of this task.

➥ Task Name is an optional field in most cases. Project Leads explain the details of the task to the Team     members. Textbox control is used to write Task descriptions. Below are the more critical use cases of Task     description in Project Plan Templates. Important exceptions and business rules are included in the Task     description. List of Task outputs specified in the Description of the Project Task Activity.

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➟ Auto-select the subject in the project task template.

➟ Auto-create description in project task template.

➟ Multi-section creates in our project task template.

➟ Auto-generate name in the name of the task.

➟ Auto-generate description in the description of the     task.

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➟ Provide a multi-section in our project task.

➟ Provide Auto generate name in project task.

➟ Provide Auto-generate description in project task.


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