How To Make Your Clinic and Hospital Smart?

How To Make Your Clinic and Hospital Smart?

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➥ In This Video We'll Walk You Through the following: How to make an Clinic and Hospital smart with ERP?     Here are some critical questions: Who will be impacted? Why is this important to you as an Doctor? Share     publicly or privately? Is your goal in making hospitals smarter just for the sake of making hospitals smarter     or also transforming other healthcare providers' approaches to patients and their care?

➥ Is it difficult for one in the Health Facility administration to think and act against the competition in health     care? Do you finally get the time to think about how to make your hospital smarter?—With the changing     dynamics of managing a Hospital and the latest Hospital Care practices, professionals in the field of     Health Management and non-medical staff will explore how technology will unify their efforts. Learn the     latest clinic and hospital management.

➥ This is how Smart Hospitals lead the way in clinics. Now your hospital can also provide telemedicine, home     care, and any other service you can supply. A revolutionary new way to transform the healthcare industry.

➾ Here Is Your Answer:

➥ Geminate comes with clinic management system with various type of functionality like managing clinic,     doctor and patients information with appointment booking and case overview after consultation. Geminate     also provides the details regarding doctor and clinics. Geminate provides clinic management system for     particular one doctor and the clinic which is controlled by that particular doctor .

➥ In clinic management system, we provide different users with their own responsibilities. For example, we     have four different users which includes doctor, patient, reception and system-admin. Here, activities like     appointment confirm and cancel can only be done by reception and case confirmation can be done by     doctor. This facility is very helpful to restrict access and data which they can only have access to avoid     security breach or privacy.

➥ In clinic management system, we provide multiple facilities but the most valuable facility is if patient has     booked an appointment and at that time doctor is busy or doctor has some other work then doctor can     cancel the the appointment and and the appointment would be saved as a draft and patient can book an     appointment whenever patient wishes to book.

➥ In clinic management system, we provide reports for certain functionality to analyze data and to help to     track the previous record and we also provide inter linked facility like accounting and sales management     to process a complete appointment up to payment with sale order, invoicing and stock management.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ A different role for users-Supports only one doctor     which can be provided by system admin after     co- coordinating with the doctor.

➟ Email to patients on appointments confirmation and     cancellation.

➟ Supports multiple patient and clinic information with     appointment booking, case overview and payment     after consultation.

➟ Patient can receive their individual report and     appointment as well as case report to analyze data     and to keep the records.

➟ Inbuilt accounting and sales management to process     a complete appointment up to payment with sale     order, invoicing and stock management.

➟ Multiple user roles help to restrict the access and     data to avoid security breach or privacy.

➟ Doctor can cancel appointment due to any reasons     and transfer that appointment to the draft.

➟ Supports calendar for booking an appointment.

➟ Patient can see the payment status on their     dashboard whether patient has completed the     payment or not.

➟ Easy to configure and more user-friendly to use. 

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ Simple to use.

➟ We provide only limited access for users.

➟ Appointment cancellation information is sent by     email.

➟ Doctors can easily cancel the appointment if they do     not have time. 


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