How to Monitor All Messages, Logs and Activities in Common Chatter Timeline

How to Monitor All Messages, Logs and Activities in Common Chatter Timeline ?

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➥ Geminate comes with an amazing feature of global chatter timeline where you will get messages, log notes     and activities done on any of your database tables. global chatter provides a facility where you are able to     see any messages, log notes and activities of selected database table, documents and their particular     record.

➥ We're making it very easy for you - you can find any notes and activities of any of your database tables     including messages with filter of 'Start Date' and 'End Date'.

➥ It provides real time effect of new incoming messages, log notes or activity notifications for any records in     single timeline window instead of keep opening those particular record's form view.

➥ It comes with different user roles like 'None', 'User' and 'Manager' based on that tools to control timeline     is managed.

➥ Global Chatter becomes very helpful for you, you get to see different messages, notes and activity of all     your different models in one place if no particular filter applied for 'Document' and 'Record'.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Get Messages, log notes and Activity.

➟ Able to see any Message, log notes and Activity of     selected database table.

➟ Provide real time effect.

➟ Different user roles like None, User and Manager.

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ We show the 'Message', 'Note', 'Activity' of all models     in a single global chatter.

➟ We search chatter record easily based on 'Start Date'     and 'End Date'.

➟ Now you don't need to search for chatter of different     models, you can easily search chatter with the help     of 'Global Chatter'.

➟ It saves your precious time to find the 'Message',     'Note' and 'Activity' of different modules.

➟ Easy to use and quick to apply.


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