How to Notify Customer for Document Update using Whatsapp Messages ?

How to Notify Customer for Document Update using Whatsapp Messages ?

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➥ Geminate comes with an amazing feature of Document WhatsApp Messaging. By using 'Chat API     Integration', it sends whatsapp messages automatically on update of documents like sale order, purchase     order etc. based on document configuration and list of fields configured. It allows you to configure the     'Chat API Integration' on the users settings so you can use different WhatsApp (sender) phone numbers for     individual users because there are possibilities that there in sales team multiple salesperson are handling     different customers so those salesperson should familiar as sender to those customer to avoid spam     considered by customer.

➥ We are validating the 'Phone number' on the list of contacts at the time of contact creation whether the     registered phone is WhatsApp or not. When you create 'Document WhatsApp Message' then 'Sender',     'Receiver' and 'Track Fields' will show only on 'Model' related fields. If you select Sale Order 'Model' then     other fields declare only Sale Order fields. If 'Active' is True only then you are able to send a message.

➥ When we are making changes in selected values of the 'Document WhatsApp Messaging' then we get a     message in our WhatsApp. 'Chat API Integration' ideally allows you to fully integrate WhatsApp to your     existing module so that it can offer very quick support to your existing customers.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Document WhatsApp Messaging through WhatsApp     messenger by using 'WhatsApp chat API'.

➟ Allows to configure the 'Chat API Integration' on the     users settings.

➟ Validates the 'Phone number' at the time of contact     creation whether that is a valid WhatsApp registered     number or not.

➟ Multiple WhatsApp accounts, one for each sales     person.

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ Multi whatsapp accounts support specific users.

➟ Multiple document configuration for whatsapp     messaging document specific.

➟ Quick, easy and smooth for the latest trend of     communication.


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