How to Notify Customer for Due Payment using Whatsapp Messages ?

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➥ Geminate comes with an amazing feature of 'Payment WhatsApp Follow-up. In this module, you will be     updated on the status of your invoice payments. the information will be sent to your (customer's)     WhatsApp number. it also validates the 'Phone number' at the time of contact creation whether that is a     valid WhatsApp registered number or not.

➥ With this feature, In the event that we are unable to make payment before her due date, you get a message     in your WhatsApp messenger. If you enable 'Payment Follow-up', you will receive a message only when the     invoice payment is overdue. As well, messages will be sent only when the 'Send a WhatsApp Message'     check box is enabled, otherwise you will not receive your payment follow-up notification on WhatsApp.

➥  'Payment WhatsApp Follow-up' gives you the choice to send a message to Parent Contacts, Child Contacts,     or Both. If parent contacts are selected, messages will be sent only to the parent contacts. If child     contacts are selected, messages will be sent only to child contacts. If both are chosen, messages will be     sent to parent and child both contacts.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Payment WhatsApp Follow-up through WhatsApp     messenger by using 'WhatsApp chat API'.

➟ When you are unable to pay your invoice and your     invoice due date is passed, you will receive a     WhatsApp message.

➟ Validates the 'Phone number' at the time of contact     creation whether that is a valid WhatsApp registered     number or not.

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ Multi users supports.

➟ Receive notifications when your invoice payment is     overdue.

➟ Quick, easy and smooth for latest trend of     communication.


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