How to Use Sale Doc's Recent Follow-up Smart Plug-In Tools?

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➥ In this post, we'll show you how to use Sale Doc's recent follow-up smart plug-in tools. These tools can     help you keep track of your leads and follow-ups, as well as improve your sales process. Let's get started!

➥ Geminate comes with new features of Sale Document Recent Follow-up services refer to the process of     handling the Sale Document Recent Follow-up of customers who use a Sale, CRM, or Delivery Order,

➥ So we have come up with a new idea for them which will tell us when was the last message received and at     what time. That's what we're putting in front of you like this.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Tell us the last message date

➟ We will also check the message type in it.

➟ Give last message updates for Sale, CRM, and Delivery orders.

➟ The last message that has come, we will show it first in our list view.

➟ Easy to configure and more user-friendly to use.


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