How to Work Laundry Management System with Power of SO (Sales Order) for Superior Performance

How to Work Laundry Management System with Power of SO (Sales Order) for Superior Performance

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➥ The Ultimate Guide to Laundry Management System with Power of SO (Sale Order) Odoo

 Discover The Power of Digital Laundry Management, Worksheet Manager & SO in One.

➥ Discover how to get full control over your inventory, save time on mundane tasks, and even reduce     business costs thanks to SO Odoo's infinite features. Connect all different departments of your business     and vertical together for full-scale operational excellence.

➥ Tired of messy laundry piles? With our SO, you can implement a system for tracking all your laundry - from     the moment it's dropped into the hamper until it's completed. Learn the ABC of picking Q to identify which     clothes need to be cleaned first, sorting and dividing them into piles to be washed by time, style, and     color for a perfect laundry future.

➥ If it frustrated you with manual, tedious, and time-consuming work paperwork… If it fed you up with the     complexity and high cost involved in managing retail operations, then don't miss this video. All you need-     is a laptop or mobile device and Odoo SO….

➥ This video will show you a game-changing way for laundry management optimization. As it is known, old     programs are too clumpy, leading the records to fill with stock and dissatisfy customers.

➥ Running a retail shop and thinking it's not worth all the trouble of creating the tags and managing     inventory when you accept returns? In this video, I'm going to show you the power of SO (Sale Order).

➥ Use the complete Sales Order solution to manage each process of running a profitable laundry efficiently     in minutes. Track everything you need on one platform & save more money with detailed reports & insights     into SO processes and efficiency.

➥ Learn how one can enjoy a clean supply of clothes, a happier self, and have a load ready for the next day     with Odoo. Get the sales order converted into an Odoo sales order and settle the payment through Odoo     Invoice. Know the magic of invoicing in Odoo, receiving goods in the Odoo warehouse, and storing them in     credit lists like customer complaints.

➥ Ever wonder why are clothes you washed so dirty? Why is it taking so long to get your clothes back from     the dryer and why they're wet again in a few days? In our video, you'll learn practical and powerful tricks     on how to efficiently use the system of one service at a time. Geminate comes with a Vertical Solution for     the Laundry Industry which integrates with the Sale Orders to provide an interface for key in laundry     orders. different options available while handling laundry orders, like

1. Various types of services like Wash only, iron only, Wash and Iron Both.

2. Various types of washing stages during the laundry process.

3. It supported urgent orders with additional charges.

4. Home delivery support with additional charges.

5. Separate accounting maintained for urgent orders and home delivery charges.

6. Multiple roles available like laundry boy, dry cleaner, and delivery boy which we can assign to their related job during the laundry process.

7. Track the time taken for washing and ironing those laundry orders.

8. Easy user management based on different roles and access restrictions to the laundry system.

❈ Available Key Features:

➟ Allows the creation of laundry orders from the sales     order screen.

➟ Various types of washing stages.

➟ Allows canceling orders and refund process.

➟ Easy to use, quick and handy with the sales order.

➟ It works bi-directional, either you can operate from a     sales order OR backend ERP system.

➟ Supports multi-warehouse and multi-locations.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ V_1.0.0 Latest Version.

➟ Customize WhatsApp Notification.

➟ WhatsApp Notification for Customer.

➟ Exiting Draft Order Time Update.

➟ Draft Order will be Editable for Set in Time.

➟ Add On Service Button for Add-on Services.

➟ Easy To Use & User-Friendly Interface.


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