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Did you know that 80 percent of a company's workweek is spent communicating? At Odoo, we strive to make it possible for people to work together, cooperatively, toward common goals in order to increase productivity and happiness at work.

Odoo, in our opinion, is not just a management tool, but also a set of productivity tools that enable users to accomplish more in less time. Our focus is on human requirements, ensuring that people receive the appropriate tool for each situation, fully connected with other company processes. We also make these tools lightning fast. So, without further ado, here are the latest Odoo 15 features.Read our release notice for a detailed description of all of our new features. Odoo 15 is a good option.

Discuss: A new collaborative working style

Is your message getting too long? So, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to video conferencing in Discuss. Discord, Google Meet, Jitsi, and other similar services are no longer required. Directly within Odoo, you can now engage with your colleagues via chat, videos, and screen sharing! Easily navigate your database during your conversation and share the information you need. Calls can be minimized or enlarged as needed on your whole screen.

Odoo 15 allows for collaborative editing as well. You and your coworkers may now collaborate in real time on the same fields and update the same material.  Internal and external communication are now supported by Odoo Discuss. You can converse one-on-one or in a group setting. Do you want to add some spice to your message? Message replies and animated GIFs are now supported in Odoo Discuss!

Shortcuts with CTRL + K: No need to remember all the shortcuts; simply press CTRL + K to see a list of blazing fast shortcuts for navigating across documents and discussions!

Our AI engine is now available in our website builder!

We understand how tough it can be to build a website from the ground up, which is why we've created an Artificial Intelligence engine that creates your website for you! All you have to do is answer four questions, choose a color scheme, and upload your company's logo, and you'll have a which was before website design. The colors from your company's logo will be incorporated immediately to the website template if you upload it.

Odoo 15's website builder is 35 percent faster than Odoo 14's! In terms of speed and performance, it's a huge leap forward. We've also updated the blocks so that you may choose from a variety of templates. Every building block now includes the theme colors, giving your website an attractive and professional appearance. Are you the new kid on the block? The Block of Donations! Donations can be made directly from your website, and you can control how visible it is.

Use the new shapes features for your photos to give your website a more current vibe. You can also take it a step further by using shape animations to bring your images to life. Colors for the background, text, and buttons should all be gradients. The color picker includes a gradient editor that allows you to easily customize linear (or circular) gradients.

eCommerce: You may now search across multiple goods, categories, and blogs using the search tool. Filter by price and add personalized ribbons to your products to draw attention to them. You may now manage your carts in a variety of ways. You can adjust the flow in Odoo, whether you want your clients to be routed to their carts or not. Gift Cards, which you may sell or use in eCommerce or POS, are now supported.

Email Marketing: All of the block capabilities from Odoo Website are now available in the mail composer, allowing you to edit and compose emails with ease. A/B testing for mailings is now allowed, and you can get feedback from each test in the conversation.

A Contemporary Point of Sale (POS)

The new retail features in Odoo 15 are game-changing. Retailers will be able to provide better services to their customers, spend more time with them, and expand their business. All POS functionalities are accessible from the front end, eliminating the need for cashiers to access the back-end.

Odoo 15's POS is ready to use right away. It can now communicate with the printer, cashier, and payment terminals immediately. There is no need for an IoT box.

A number of UX and UI enhancements have been made, including the addition of a grey favicon to the cashier tab, additional information on invoices and receipts, improved tips, a warning for multiple open sessions, and more! A newly updated and mobile-friendly version of PoS Shop and Restaurant is also available.  Both eCommerce and POS now support coupons and promotions. Odoo can help you become paperless. Instead of printing receipts, you may now send them to your clients via email.

Odoo POS now allows you to provide after-sales services. Other apps such as Subscription, Rental, and Repairs Services can benefit from backend integration. Is it time to call it a day? A summary report of all purchases and payments made during a sales session is now available.

Excellence in Inventory Management and Manufacturing

The warehouse operations for Odoo 15 are based on the following seven principles: minimal touches of goods, one-way flow, stock in the appropriate place, right amount of stock, optimized labour, minimize errors, and fast & reliable. We reduced the number of touch points from receipt to delivery. Around 7-8 contact points are present in the majority of warehouse management systems. We reduced this to 3-4 touch points per good in Odoo 15.

Do you have more than one store? There's no need to worry; we've got you covered! Odoo comes with a warehouse management system (WMS) that you can use! We've created a one-way flow to make organization easier and reduce employee travel distance. You can save up to 20-30% of your warehouse's operating time by optimizing where you keep things.

You may now monitor multiple users on tasks and make calls from within Odoo 15. (both voice and video). This is really useful for field workers. You can now automatically reschedule dependent activities when they overlap in Projects, and handle document modifications for the product template and associated BOM(s) independently. In addition, the new OPC UA protocol is now supported by the IoT box.

Accounting procedures that are even more efficient

You may finally put an end to manually processing customer invoices with Odoo 15, which now includes OCR for client invoicing. Say hello to our newly redesigned reconciliation tool. Odoo will only partially reconcile invoices/bills by default. Using the payment tolerance method, fully reconcile invoices/bills in the event of underpayments and designate the counterpart accounts for the difference. Teamwork makes the dream come true; you may now collaborate on spreadsheets with coworkers! When you mouse over collaborative tags, they will appear.

All nine of Odoo's offices are managed using our own accounting app. Even though we have several sources, different VAT regulations, and different VAT numbers, we handle a flawless billing process with ease. Companies who must charge overseas VAT and declare VAT in foreign jurisdictions might use Odoo 15.  By developing and configuring new fiscal positions and taxes, the EU intra-community Distance Selling function assists your company in applying the relevant VAT rate based on the client's country.

You may now export your VAT statements with a single click thanks to the additional features. All businesses with various VAT numbers can now link them to a single legal entity and receive all of their tax data in one place.

In version 15, we have a completely new dashboard for accounting firms in our accounting programmer. You can now use workspace and tags to organise your data, conveniently upload documents and share them with customers, perform bulk activities, and link with accounting. Do you want to register as an accounting firm and use Odoo to manage your customers? Here's where you may apply.

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