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Odoo has been a booming topic among ERP users in a short span of time.It is a user-friendly, reliable ERP so that each year they come up with new features which enhance business and make the system more feasible. 

In each version, extra functionality is added to update the system.In the previous version ie Odoo14 we have seen additional features such as widgets, snippets, etc also new modules such as data cleaning.

Odoo's experiment has been conducted in recent years in addition to the most recent version.This past year, due to the widespread spread of COVID-19, it was carried out virtually.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the new features in Odoo 15 which are released in October 2021.

Today we have the Odoo version 14 available as the top model in the market of the software. The Odoo 14 is considered as the most advanced as well as the fastest Odoo ever developed and is well-paced with features that are way advanced than its competitors in business management. Moreover, the Odoo 14 was released last year during the Odoo experience meet which was conducted virtually due to the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic situation. As per the standard and schedule of the previous years of Odoo, there has been a new version released every year from 2014 and is more likely to continue this year too.

The Odoo 15 is released at the end of this year in the Odoo experience meet which was again conducted virtually due to the pandemic still being prevailing in all parts of the world. As expected the Odoo 15 will be way more advanced than the Odoo 14 which is available to you and will be packed with tools to run the company business more efficiently and reliably in all parts of the world.

Odoo 15 New Features

  1. A new field for managing the invoices of the company operation

  1. New import screen option available in all the required modules and functional tabs of the platform.

  1. More capable options to edit the pivot view and the graph view

  1. Prediction of Odoo 15 New HTML Editor and new commands

  1. Expectations of Coupons and Promotions program in Odoo 15 Point of sale

  1. The E-commerce product page is redesigned

  1. Business Intelligence Tools

  1. To improve the process manufacturing (formulas instead of BOM, %% of final products, etc)

  1. Robotic Process Automation

Odoo 15 is a highly anticipated version of
Odoo ERP Development all thanks to the previous version Odoo 14 which brought in various advantages and functional operations into the business operation management. The users and the pole who have been observing Odoo expect the same to happen in the new Odoo 15 which will bring in further operational advancements into the business management.

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