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Are you looking for customer service software that is effective for your company?

What does it mean to have customer service software?

➥ CRM software acts as a digital solution for a company's customer management system. Odoo is an ERP software that includes     modules such as Odoo CRM, HRM, Marketing, Operations Management, Billing and Accounting, Manufacturing, and so on. Odoo     CRM is a platform that allows you to completely control your customer service system. 

➥ The customer is king in every organization. Effective customer management can propel a company to success. Odoo CRM provides     you with a complete picture of your customers. Odoo CRM encompasses all strategies, techniques, tools, and technologies used by a     business to develop, relate to, and acquire customers. It ensures that every interaction with the customer is effective and smooth in     order to increase the organization's overall growth. Odoo CRM keeps a database of your customers that includes their overall     purchase history, demographic information, and even purchase behavior patterns. 

➥ CRM software ensures that you have good relationships with your customers, colleagues, suppliers, and so on. With this     technologically advanced platform, it is easier to find new customers, provide qualified service, and gain their trust. 

Features of Odoo CRM

User Interface with Cutting-Edge Technology
Simple and simple to use. Odoo CRM dashboard provides a well-organized view of sales activities. The Odoo dashboard provides a technologically advanced user experience.
Reduces the drawbacks of data entry
Users can receive leads automatically via email and VoIP calls, as well as send quotations and sales orders with a few clicks. It cuts down on paperwork. As a result, Odoo CRM reduces the drawbacks of data entry. You can manage your sales pipeline by dragging and dropping items.

Pipeline Management: CRM gives you a clear picture of your opportunity pipeline. Odoo CRM assists in the creation of distinct stages for the sales team. It is also possible to create sub-stages to improve process management. Another unique feature of Odoo CRM is the automatic archiving of lost opportunities. As a separate field, lost opportunities will be available.

Analytics and Reports:
CRM software allows you to track your dynamic business activities over time. Users can view the sales team's daily, weekly, and monthly performance as well as the hours invested by each team member. CRM provides you with access to a variety of analytical features for tracking various sales activities.

Analysis of Leads:
Odoo CRM assists in keeping leads separate from opportunities and avoiding lengthy sales pipelines. Odoo CRM makes it simple to convert a lead into an opportunity. Proper lead tracing will result in the analysis of leads from each marketing team.

Advanced features:
·Live chat
·Mobile view
·URL tracker

➥ Odoo CRM has a user-friendly interface that makes it appealing and simple to use. It is a low-cost, no-licensing application. It is also     possible to access the system from any location by using a laptop, mobile device, or iPad. In addition, with a few clicks, the user can     enter leads, access contact person details, and schedule activities and meetings. With Odoo CRM software, management can     maintain a decent and strong relationship with the customer. 

CRM Implementation:

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