Odoo Version 15 new points out Inventory Management System

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Odoo Version 15 new points out Inventory Management System


Inventory changes have been completely redesigned (also on Barcode app). Location-based cyclical inventory; Suspicious inventory can be filtered using the following criteria: Negative stocks and double Serial Numbers should be identified. Look up the history of each quantity. Conflicts can be resolved quickly; Count anything, at any time, without having to update your inventory.


Propagate carrier and destination countries in multi-step routes, and enable for label printing at the selected stage.


Products are ordered and sold based on their packaging. During warehouse transfers, display packaging is used. For complex put away rules, link packaging to package types.


View the product allocation for products that have been received. Assign products to deliveries that have been received. Print labels for the products that have been assigned to you.


Reservations can now be made automatically, manually, or triggered X days ahead of time. Filters are used to make mass reservations.

Units of Measure (UoMs)

Category management for units of measure has been improved.


Picking and delivery slips have been improved. Ordered quantities and back order lines are now displayed in the correct order on delivery slips. Edit quantities done in pickings with ease. To choose a product category, choose 'Closest Location' as a removal approach. Pick a few ready movements of the same picking type and combine them into a new batch.

Forecast Report

In the report, you can reserve, unreserved, and alter priority. Customers and total sales orders are displayed.


Favorite the most often used items. They will always appear in the first hits when searching through auto complete. Select a product label format and allow users to add extra text to labels.

Reordering Rules

Use multiple amounts with BOM quantities for constructing reordering rules. You can maintain track of the source document for Manufacturing Orders and Purchase Orders that are instantly triggered by reordering rules.

Put aways

Set up put away rules for different package types. To divert products, create storage categories with capacities based on weight, product, or package type.


Vendor information has been included to the replenishment to provide a direct overview of vendor prices and delays.

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