Odoo Version 15 New points out Website development


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 Odoo Version 15 New points out Website development

Configurator for Websites

A new Artificial Intelligence engine will generate complete websites based on the industry and user preferences.


Text, photos, and columns can all benefit from animation.

Widget with a Boolean Toggle

The readability of the boolean toggle widget has been improved.

Coupon Exchange

Shareable coupons can now be shared through email, link, and social media.


Add documents to the website with ease and select the appropriate design for customers/visitors to download. With dedicated hotkeys, you may change the assignee, priority, and condition of a document.


Within the drop-down menu, improved keyboard navigation. In the company switcher, you can select many firms at once. The command palette can be used to navigate through menus. The command palette and footer have been improved.


Users now have the ability to add custom embed HTML codes in a building block.

Google Analytic

Google Analytic integration has been updated to reflect the most current Google update.


The image size display has been improved. Color feedback on image size; when you click on an image, an overlay appears around the selected column; new image upload progress bar. Shapes (some animated) can be added to photos.

Pie Charts

Pie charts are now used to display percentages.


Add the possibility to have a pop-up on a click.

Product Carousels

Product carousels can be used to promote products on a blog article.

Tabbed Values

When you tab out of an empty many2one field, the first value is no longer set.


All of the themes have been updated to seem more current! Industries have been added to the themes. The Theme tab has replaced the Options tab.

Website Headers

New styles for web page headers have been added.
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