Online Dental Appointment Booking System

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➥ Geminate comes with a feature of 'Online Dental Appointment Booking System' with various types of     options like managing multiple doctors, patients and clinic information. A patient can visit our website and     schedule an appointment with a preferred clinic from multiple available clinics and related doctors of that     clinic based on their available slots.

➥ Once the appointment is confirmed by the back office team, it will generate the case and patients can get     the overview of case by login into their registered account. the beauty of this feature is, while consulting     the patient, the doctor can visualize the complete dental chart and easily demonstrate the tooth and     problem within it for easy understanding.

➥ The patient and doctor both can login to their individual account anytime to check their previous     appointment and cases, additionally they can cancel them if they are mistakenly booked or they want to     reschedule it by canceling the previous one.

Available Key Features:

1. Supports multiple doctors, patient and clinic information.

2. Supports dental charting for consultation which helps to easily demonstrate the tooth and problem.

3. Supports calendar for booking.

4. Role Wise access to the system where patients can see their own appointment and cases which apply the same for doctors too.

5. Theme support for different appointment states for user friendly perspective in calendarview.

6. Easy to configure and more user friendly to use.

7. Support multiple working schedules for multiple clinics, one to one.

8. Rolewise registration process.

9. Option to switch doctor or clinic anytime based on preference and their availability for appointment booking as it supports a very proper and punctual working schedule clinicwise.

10. Cancel and reschedule appointments by patient.

11. Cancel appointments and cases by doctor.

12. PDF reports for appointment and cases for future document purposes for the mediclaim process.

13. Integrated with sales and invoicing for accounting purposes.

14. Easy to use and quick to apply.


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