Pick, Pack, Check and Ship with Odoo

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We can easily achieve this routing with odoo.

Step 1:  Activate Manage advanced routes from your warehouse from settings --> configuration-->Warehouse

Step 2: Update Warehouse settings from Warehouse-->Configuration-->Warehouses and choose pick--pack--ship for Outgoing Shippings.


Step 3: Add a new Operation Type Check from Warehouse-->Configuration-->Types of Operation

Operation Dashboard will look like this now.


Step 4: Update Route from Warehouse-->Configuration-->Routes

Select Pick + Pack + ship and rename it to Pick + Pack + Check + Ship

Add one more pull rule from Packing Zone to Checking Zone

This routing can be applicable on following models.

 Now let's check the effect of these routing.


Once Sale Order is confirmed there will be “View Delivery Order” button. We can Check generate picking using this button.

Here are the list of generated Pickings.

  1. Stock to Picking

  2. Picking to Packing

  3. Packing to Checking

  4. Checking to Output for deliver

Once Scheduler run, picking status will update automatically.


Click on Barcode Icon on Pick Dashboard. It will bring us to operations. From here responsible person will start processing their operation.

Picker will start picking items. Initially scanned item will be zero.

Once picker will start scanning products scanned item number will automatic update.

After picking all item picker will put these item to cart using “Put in Cart” button. Item will move from WH/Stock to WH/Packing Zone.

Now Packer check a shipment is in ready to transfer status in Packing Operations.

Packer will put these item into Pack using “Put in Pack” button. Item will move from WH/Packing Zone to WH/Checking Zone.

We can see Pick and Pack Operation are updated and now items are in Check Operation

We also notice that items are transferred from stock to pick and from pick to packing.

And item are ready to transfer from Checking to Output for delivery.

Process the items(Pack) in Checking Zone and Put them in Cart(Transfer).

Finally Deliver the Items(Pack) to Customer and mark it as transferred.

Finally check that all related picking lines of sale order are in transferred state and sale order is marked as Delivered.