Point of Sale Paytm Payment

Geminate comes with an amazing feature of 'Paytm Payment Integration' inside the point of sale. it allows you to configure 'Paytm' payment methods and set them inside different point of sale sessions to use independently. it provides flexibility to enable or disable paytm payment method from the list more like plug n play.

Additional benefit of this feature is, customers don't need to manually enter the payment amount. they just scan the QR code and hit the payment button. order amount automatically scanned with QR code.

Available Key Features :

1. Paytm payment integration in point of sale.

2. Supports multiple 'Paytm' payment methods

3. Automated order amount scanned with QR code.

4. Easy to enable or disable any 'Paytm' payment method.

5. Different 'Paytm' payment methods for different point of sale sessions to use independently.

6. Easy to use and quick to apply.



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