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➥ Geminate comes with a feature to provide forecasting of inventory based on future sale order with product     qty. it enables you to upload your future sales data and export forecasting product data in excel format. it     works on a bill of material with 2 levels with the main kit product and its component of the kit product.     second level of bill of material of component of the kit product with its raw materials.

➥ Benefit of this feature is that you can predict your future sales fulfillment based on your future inventory      forecasting. if forecasted qty is negative ( 0 ) then it means we need to manufacture OR generate a         purchase order to satisfy the sale order qty. If the forecasted qty is positive ( more then 0 ) then it means     we have that number of remaining qty after we fulfill the sale order qty by manufacturing.

Available Key Features:

1. Provides excel format inventory forecasting report.

2. Works on two levels of bill of materials.

3. Forecast qty based on future sale order data with order qty.

4. Easy to upload excel format sale data with predefined import template.

5. Easy to decide how much we need to manufacture in house or place an order to the vendor in advance.

6. Easy to manage any future sales order based on advance prediction methodology.

7. Easy to use and very quick.


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