Smart Way to Display Documents on Website Portal

Smart Way to Display Documents on Website Portal

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➥ Geminate introduces the Convenience of Website Document Visibility app, which enhances your website by     providing a seamless way to control document visibility. With this app, you can easily designate whether a     document should be visible or invisible to logged-in users or even anonymous visitors. It allows you to set     visibility preferences for both logged-in and logout users, making documents visible or invisible     accordingly.

➥ This app provides comprehensive control over document access, ensuring that sensitive information     remains accessible only to authorized users. With this app, you can easily manage the visibility of     documents, allowing you to restrict access to confidential data. By implementing this module, you can     enhance security measures and maintain the privacy of your documents.

➥ Our app empowers you to manage document accessibility on your website. Users can conveniently     download the visible documents, ensuring a seamless experience. Take control of document visibility and     enhance user engagement with this versatile app.

➥ Website Document Visibility app provides a interface for managing document visibility settings, making it     easy to toggle visibility and ensure the right documents are accessible.

➥ The App is designed to be user-friendly, with a straightforward setup process and minimal learning curve.

➥ A game-changer for productivity and organization within our ERP software system.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Enhanced Document Privacy

➟ Personalized Access

➟ Easy Document Management

➟ Consistency Across Documents

➟ User-Friendly Interface

➟ Seamless Integration

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ Simplify document distribution by controlling visibility to     specific users or groups.

➟ Personalize user experiences by displaying relevant     documents based on User login status.

➟ Stay organized and in control with our efficient document     management capabilities.

➟ Saves your valuable time and is more user friendly.

➟ Quick and easy to use.


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