Smart Way To Do Activities Using Voice Commands

Smart Way To Do Activities Using Voice Commands

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➥ Geminate comes with a feature for 'GeminateCS' Voice Commands. It will help to open menus, create     records and find records with a pre-defined commands. You can also create new commands from the voice     commands menu. With the facility of select mode like Auto and Manual, it will help to easy rendering to     any location.

1. Auto : Prefix a word like 'GeminateCS' Open Customers to do action regardless of your current screen or menu

2. Manual : No need for prefix a work like 'GeminateCS', manually click on Mic button and say Voice command to do the activity.

➥ 'GeminateCS' Voice Commands This is very useful to save your precious time, with the help of this you will     just give the command and on that command speech recognition will give you your record and in this you     can also create record easily.

➥ In 'Geminate' Voice Commands, you can speak any command by clicking on the Voice button which is in the     Voice Commands Menu.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Easy rendering to any location with the help of voice     recognition.

➟ Use commands like open menu,create records and     find particular record.

➟ Auto and Manual Voice Command.

➟ Single click to voice recognizer.

➟ Speak any command from voice command menu.

➟ Easy customization for select mode of voice     recognition.

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ Helps to find, open and create records for various     documents.

➟ 'GeminateCS' will make your life easy and smooth.

➟ Supports 'Auto' and 'Manual' voice command modes.

➟ Preloaded with many inbuilt voice commands.

➟ Easy to add more commands as per your need.

➟ Saves your valuable time and is more user friendly.

➟ Quick and easy to use.


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