Smart Way to Import Invoice By OCR Scanning Technology

Smart Way to Import Invoice By OCR Scanning Technology

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➥ The Import Invoice By OCR module in Geminate offers a powerful solution for businesses dealing with     various invoice formats. By utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology swiftly scans PDF     invoices and supplier bills, transforming them into usable data. This automation significantly reduces     errors, saves time, and enhances overall efficiency.

➥ Users define specific formats for invoices and bills, ensuring uniform text alignment for product line     columns. Customization options include setting the alignment for customer/supplier labels, supplier     invoice numbers, invoice dates, and subtotal labels. Additionally, users can configure tax labels and their     corresponding values for accurate tax calculations on product lines.

➥ For supplier bills, the module integrates an intelligent search feature. If a product code associated with a     selected supplier is provided, the module automatically fetches the relevant product information. If no     match is found, the module searches for the product's default code.

➥ The "Import Invoice by OCR" module makes invoice handling easy by automating tasks and cutting down on     manual work. With powerful OCR features and user-friendly settings, it's essential for businesses     managing invoices efficiently.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Smart Supplier Billing

➟ Advanced OCR Technology

➟ Enhanced Workflow

➟ Enhanced Accuracy

➟ User-Friendly Interface

➟ Seamless Integration

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ We offer precise OCR technology, ensuring accurate data     extraction and reducing errors in invoicing.

➟ Our user-friendly interface makes the configuration and     usage of the module intuitive and straightforward.

➟ Providing flexibility and convenience to your workflow.

➟ Saves your valuable time and is more user friendly.

➟ Quick and easy to use.


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