Smart Way to Link Invoice on Sale Order

Smart Way to Link
Invoice on Sale Order

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➥ Geminate introduces the convenience of Sale Order Invoice Link Manually module. This module designed to     provide users with the ability to manually link invoices to specific sales orders. This module enhances the     flexibility and control over the invoicing process within ERP, allowing businesses to manage their sales     transactions with precision and accuracy.

➥ Users have the freedom to choose which invoices are linked to a particular sales order. This selective     approach accommodates complex billing scenarios, such as partial invoicing, staggered payments, or     special billing arrangements tailored to specific customers.

➥ This module empowers users to manually establish a direct link between invoices and sales orders. Unlike     the default Odoo behaviour, which often relies on automated processes, this module allows for     personalized, user-driven linking.

➥ Featuring a user-friendly interface for effortless Invoice-to-Sales Order linking.

➥ A game-changer for productivity and organization within our Odoo software system.

❈ Exciting New Features:

➟ Manual Linking

➟ Selective Linking

➟ Complex Billing Handling

➟ Transparency

➟ User-Friendly Interface

➟ Seamless Integration

❈ Why Choose Us ?:

➟ Choose us to redefine your invoicing process - precision at     your fingertips.

➟ Freedom to Choose which Invoices are linked to a     particular sales order.

➟ Choose us for user-driven linking that puts you in charge of     your invoicing process.

➟ Saves your valuable time and is more user friendly.

➟ Quick and easy to use.


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