What are the New Features in Odoo 16

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➥ Odoo is developing by the day. Over the past few versions of Odoo, we have seen some drastic changes in     the overall performance and the user interface of Odoo. With the introduction of Odoo16, the whole system     is evolving to a whole new level of sophistication and performance. This blog will give you an overview of     the new features of Odoo 16

➥ Performance

    Odoo is introducing some new features and has prioritized performance with version 16 for ensuring     maximum performance and prominence in its line of work. Improvement in the performance of Odoo is the     primary aim of the new version rather than just a  update from the previous version. Odoo 16 is the fastest,     the most user friendly and the most high end of its predecessor version.

➥ New Module and Other Big changes

    Odoo is Known for its highly integrated and easy to use modules which acts as the basic building block of     the entire Odoo database. This is one of the critical factors that support the user-friendliness of Odoo. The     existing modules of Odoo will have a considerable number of additional features and tools integrated into     them for ensuring more workflow and efficiency. With version 16 of Odoo, new modules and components     take a new and improved shape.

➥ The Improved Website builder module

    With the Odoo 16 Website module, you can now have more control and customization options on the Blocks     or the website building elements. Traditionally the front end and the back end of the module were     separate, but in the new version, the front and the backends are merged for preserving a single interface     giving more customization options for the website.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

➥ The configurations can be done without reloading the page and will give you way more accessibility to the     website configuration options. You can now have more filtering and grouping elements to add to the     webpage for easy user management.

➥ Coupon and Promotions in Odoo 16

    Coupons and promotions are unified to one platform and can be accessed from PoS, ECommerce and     standard orders. The interface is cleaner, and the code is limited to short lines for the developers.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

➥  Traditionally, Coupons and promotions are treated as different functional features with their platforms,     which confused some users about the Coupons and promotions program management process with Odoo.     The unified platform for coupons and promotional programs will make it easy to configure and manage.     The earlier version of the Odoo lacked eWallet, which is included in the new version.

➥ Accounting

    The accounting module in Odoo is much faster and more efficient with the support of the new features and     tools that can come in handy in real-world business scenarios. The Credit limit feature of the accounting     module will let you manage the customer Credit limit now more efficiently.

    You can now wholly digitize your invoices with the accounting module for easy management and     accessibility.

    A widget for reconciliation is included in the Accounting module for quickly accessing the reconciliation     process. The Reconciliation Widget is designed to provide maximum user-friendliness in reconciliation     management. The widget can be accessed from the Accounting module in the reconciliation section.

    The Currency Exchange difference split on the invoice will off the module and let you have more control     over invoices with the accounting module.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

➥  Group automatically transfers per contact, carrier, destination country or source/destination location. You     can limit the size of the batches per move line, transfer or weight for easy management.

➥ Merged Subscriptions Into Sales Order

With Odoo 16, Subscriptions are merged into sales orders for easy management.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

➥  As Odoo concentrates more on user convenience, the new merging of the Subscription with the sales     orders will make it much easier for subscription management.

➥ Marketing module

    The Email marketing module is improved. With the Email Marketing module, you can create a new mailing     by starting from the mail you have previously saved. You can change the Global attribute of the mail all at     once. Filters can be saved to reload for future mailings.

    You can now import the contacts and the mailing addresses for quick access. New email templates along     with the added features will provide the best email marketing experience with Odoo. You can Retweet and     quote the tweet from the dashboard of the Social marketing module. This feature of Odoo 16 will give you     more accessibility to your twitter business account with the marketing module.

➥ Sign Module

    With Odoo 16, you can have a refreshed look at the Ecological saving by using the Ecological signature,     and you can now change the person's role from the sign module.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

➥ Odoo 16 has given an entirely refreshed look to its modules. Many more minute functions and features are     included in the modules such as Sign, Time off, Employee and Website module for generating maximum     user-friendliness. Odoo has improved the shipping procedures allowing you to be more precise on the     customers' locations and features to manage the shipping delays. With the Approval module, you can now     decide the order and the sequence of the approvers to process the Approval requests. You can customise it     based on the nature of your institution and individual employee grade management.

➥  The Employee module allows its users to perform analysis and statics on the employees. Odoo can save     and give detailed data on the whole employee activity process for easy management and workflow     monitoring. More accessibility to employee skills and the reports on employee skills will allow you to     easily manage the employees and use them based on their skill set.


    The MRP module now has Allocation reports for manufacturing. If a link is created with a sales order,     customers can now see the live status of their manufacturing order at every stage or in between from their     personalized customer portal. The features allow customers to be fully educated about the manufacturing     process of the product they have ordered. The improvement in the subcontracting portal will enable your     subcontractor to register the production for you.

    More options and advanced features are being developed and will be out in the market soon for its users.

➥ In short note

    Overall performance improvements now introduce more speed and efficiency into Odoo than its     predecessors.

    Modules will be more integrated and easy to access in nature.

    User-friendliness along with tools and feature accessibility has improved.

    The website builder module is more advanced, merging the backend and the frontend interface.

    A unified system or platform is introduced for easy promotions and coupon management.

    The Email marketing module now allows you to easily access and copy or use the previous mails to build a     new one with the exact nature.

     The chatbot is more advanced with questions and a decision tree that allows you to chat with it for     information on the procedures. The Chatbot is integrated with odoo allowing you to access the information     quickly.

➥ Rental on eCommerce

    New payment acquirers is included for more payment options for customers to pay.

    More features and tools are under development, including the improvements on the Call for Tender part in     the Purchase module of Odoo the Simplification of the eCommerce setup, making online selling much more     accessible. Advances in the Mass mailing features will allow users to manage mass mailing effortlessly.     Customer refunding can be done within Odoo itself with Payments. The overall improvement in the user     experience in Localisation is an added advantage to the users.

    In short, version 16 of Odoo will be elementary to use and manage your business with. With the added     features and the refreshed user interface, Odoo ensures that you generate maximum efficiency in business     management.

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