Which Is Better: Oracle or Odoo?

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Enterprise resource planning is simply one of many functionalities available in business software (ERP). The increasing quantity of routinely issued packages is responsible for this improvement. There are several cloud-based ERP packages available now that can manage all aspects of your organization, from manufacturing to stock balances to sales and marketing.

There are several market leaders among the many ERP software systems available. SAP dominated the enterprise software industry in the early days, providing high-quality software. Due to the emergence of open-source goods on the market, this platform began to lose its dominance over time.

When it comes to ERP software, Oracle, SAP, and Odoo are three of the most well-known names in the industry today. Computer technology businesses that offer cloud systems and enterprise software solutions with a wide range of features generate such software. You can also manage logistics and finances with any of these programmed.

Oracle vs Odoo

We'll compare Odoo and Oracle, and see how they compare – and, to be honest, if there is a comparison to be made between both ERP platforms at all. So, which of these two well-known options should you choose for your company?

Let's start by comparing these software packages to see if we can assist you make the best option. ERP is, after all, a significant commitment of time, effort, and resources for companies trying to use it to become more competitive in today's economic environment.

What Should You Look for in an ERP System?

When it comes to ERP software, the first thing to consider is its functionality. Oracle is unique in that it is created specifically for enterprise software. This means that it must be integrated with all of the company's business systems and processes. The properties of Odoo and Oracle are explained below to help you decide which software to employ.

What Services Does Odoo Provide?

Odoo ERP is a widely used enterprise software that includes a number of useful features: An all-encompassing strategy. Odoo is a complete set of business applications that, like SAP, includes modules for practically all organization functions. Odoo has more than 2 million users, the majority of whom are small and medium-sized businesses.

At the same time, the platform is employed by a number of significant businesses, indicating that the programmed is extensively used.

In addition, the firm has 730 partners.

There isn't any backwards compatibility. Odoo does not support backward compatibility (as other options like SAP do). That means that whenever a new version is launched, all code and data must be migrated. This might be problematic because new updates are frequently released, and repeated migration can be tiresome for some businesses.

There are fewer bugs and flaws. Despite the fact that Odoo, which is developed in the Python programming language, has been on the market for a long time, you may still run across certain flaws. After the 8th version, developers began to fix flaws, so expect some fine-tuning after using Odoo in the workplace.

Plans at reasonable cost. Odoo is a more cheap option for small and medium businesses than Oracle. Although you must pay for each user's services, Odoo is less expensive in the end than Oracle (or, conversely, other solutions like as SAP).

For example, if you need to supply work for 50 users, SAP will cost over $60,000 per year, while Odoo will cost around $15,000 for the same agreements. That's a significant cost reduction.

What Services Does Oracle Provide?

Now it's time for Oracle.When selecting software for your company, its distinguishing aspects will be critical: Database Management System that is easy to use. The Oracle RDBMS employs a multi-model structure. Oracle's user-friendly RDBMS can be utilised for a variety of purposes and operations, including data storage, online transactions, and more. The Oracle database is designed to handle high-volume applications and vast amounts of data.


Oracle provides a variety of tools and methods for scaling databases. Furthermore, the server comes with a number of handy tools, applications, and features for your work.

Simple and straightforward

Some people may consider Oracle to be extremely complex and unintelligible. The design of Oracle DBMS, on the other hand, makes it quite straightforward to deal with any challenges. Another significant benefit is that the software is compatible with a variety of operating systems and has the same code base and documentation. This program may be rapidly and simply integrated into any operating system platform that your firm uses.


When compared to Odoo, the cost of deploying Oracle is much lower. This ERP and database management software can be adopted throughout your firm without jeopardizing your budget, regardless of the operating system you employ.

Bug fixes that are systematic.

Oracle operates well and has few faults because to its global use and huge market demand. The engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that the software was the finest it could be and that it provided organizations with outstanding value for money.

Functionality is limited

Oracle may not be the best fit for your company if you're searching for a complete solution. If you need database management software, however, Oracle is undoubtedly the best option.

Oracle vs. Odoo: A Head-to-Head Comparison

If you want to utilize Odoo for $20 per month, you'll have to spend $75 per month to work with Oracle. Odoo provides all of the necessary functions at the same time:

1. Enterprise Asset Management
2. Financial management
3. Personnel Management
4. Customer Relationship Management
5. Order management
6. Distribution Management
7. Project management
8. Inventory Management
9. Analytics
10. Reporting

However, Oracle does not offer Distribution Management, Personnel Management, Customer Relationship Management, or Warehouse Management.

In terms of compatibility between Odoo and Oracle for various platforms, Oracle is only compatible with the cloud, but Odoo is compatible with Windows, Mac, cloud, and mobile devices like as Android and iOS.

Odoo's services are available in a variety of languages:

• English
• German
• Chinese
• Japanese
• Hindi
• French
• Spanish
• Russian
• Italian
• Dutch
• Swedish and others

Meanwhile, Oracle is available in English only.

Odoo's Enterprise platform has a few dozen apps, whereas the open-source software version has over 17,000 applications developed by a community of over 25 thousand active participants, making it practical for a larger range of purposes.

It concentrates on the small and medium-sized business application area.

Odoo's primary competitors include SAP, Oracle, OpenERP, and Zoho. According to the owners' statement, it currently has over 4.6 million members globally, and this number is constantly expanding.

Odoo isn't going anywhere.

Odoo is a profitable project with a 60 percent annual growth rate from an 82.98 percent gross profit margin. We are convinced that it is here to stay. It will be here for a long time, and it will continue to succeed at what it does best: developing all-in-one business software that includes both open-source and subscription-based enterprise software and SaaS.

The additional money raised from the capital increase will be utilized to accelerate product development projects, which are critical to Odoo's aspirations to continue extending its global reach.

Odoo's sudden cash boost prepares the company for long-term success and demonstrates the quality of its product offering. Odoo will be a future force to be reckoned with.

As a result, according to projections, it will continue to be a successful project for a long time and succeed at what he does. The company's major purpose is to produce universal business software with an open-source version and subscription-based enterprise software. The raised funds enabled the company to grow and improve its product, allowing it to reach the current level of functionality.


Oracle RDBMS is the greatest solution on the market today for organizations who require worldwide database management software. Odoo can provide exceptional value for money if you require such software at a lower cost and can make certain tweaks, customization, or settings.

In any case, it's up to you to figure out which software is best for your company. Each piece of software has a distinct meaning and is not in any way superior to the others.

Some may have a modest edge over others in certain areas and situations, depending on their usefulness.

We can safely state, based on considerable experience, that standard ERPs are expensive and, in most cases, do not fully adapt to the particular needs of a single organization without some manipulations.

Odoo, on the other hand, can take advantage of this enormous and attractive potential that has appeared on the market for corporate software today, thanks to a versatile range of applications and unwavering public and developer attention to the product.

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