Advanced Laundry Management Extension

Advanced Laundry Management Extension

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Advanced Laundry Management Extension

Geminate comes with advanced laundry management features. It is now possible for you to choose the pickup option for your laundry order by using this app. So now you do not have to go to a laundry shop to give your laundry for the laundry process. You can just choose the pickup option and the laundry pickup partner is going to pick up your laundry items.

It allows you to choose multiple colors for laundry items for easy identification when you send or receive back your original items. In addition, you can add a number of pieces to your one laundry item i.e suit items having 3 or 4 pieces like a jacket, trousers, and a waistcoat.

By using this app, you can now download your garment tag as well for printing and stick them on laundry order items. this feature allows you to configure the height and width of the tag and also options which you can enable or disable to display value and also you can configure the different font size for tag attribute value that will appear on your garment tag.

After an order completion, we are now taking feedback to your laundry service which helps you to improve quality and support services. simply click on the feedback button and it will send you an email with your order details and a feedback link. customers can click on the link and add their feedback about the laundry services.

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Exciting Features

Laundry order pickup.
Add number of pieces per laundry item.
Add multiple color tags per laundry item.
Garment tag label printing for every order.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

  • Go to Point of Sale → Configuration → Color.

    Go to Point of Sale → Dashboard.

    Go to Laundry → Laundry Management → Laundry Order.

    Code : Uniquely auto-generated sequence tag for each individual piece from the entire item for easy identification in bulk orders during the ongoing laundry process.
    Color : Multiple color selection option while taking laundry order's item for easy identification when a similar pair of clothes comes to avoid mixing up with another order or pair of clothes during the ongoing laundry process.

    You will only see the pickup button if you have selected a pickup option.
    When you click the pickup button, your order state changes from 'Draft' to 'Picked Up'.

    Go to Laundry → Configuration → Garment Tag.
    Clicking "Garment Tag" will open a wizard where you can customize your garment tag report.

    For your garment tag report, you can add configuration here. You can configure the height, and width for the label, as well as the height, and width for the barcode label, as well as the value that will appear on your garment tag report, and you can also customize your font size. You can also put different-different font sizes for your value.
    Font size field will be visible when you check attribute checkbox related to it.

    To view the garment tag pdf report, click on the "Print Garment Tag" button.

    By clicking on the delivery button, your order will be moved to the delivery state and you will be done with it.

    Click on the feedback button to give your feedback. When you click the feedback button, an email will be sent with a link to the feedback form. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to a feedback form where you can enter any feedback you want.

    Go to Settings → Technical → Emails

    Please enter your feedback here with the star rating and any notes you would like to add.

    When you click the post button after giving feedback, an appreciation form will appear.

    The feedback is displayed on your order on the feedback page after you click on the post, and your order state moves to the feedback stage.

    Note :- Check out the other Laundry management module for more information about the laundry flow.

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