Attachment Upload Progress Bar

Attachment Upload Progress Bar

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Attachment Upload Progress bar

Geminate comes with a feature to display a progress bar while uploading an attachments in discuss menu, formview mail chatter, and mail compose wizard. It also provides you an option to cancel any in-progress upload of attachment which helps you to remove the attachment(s) that you don't want to continue uploading or it was selected for upload by mistake.

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Exciting Features

Avoid auto merge manufacturing order product bill of material product lines quantity.
Easy to cancel any on-going upload of attachment which has been selected by mistake.
Features progress bar in discuss menu and chat window.
Features progress bar in formview mail chatter.
Features progress bar in mail compose wizard.
Features notification message after file has been successfully uploaded or cancelled.
Easy to use and more user friendly.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


1) Progress bar in discuss menu :

2) Progress bar in chat window :

3) Progress bar in form view chatter :

4) Progress bar in mail compose wizard :

5) Progress bar in form view "Add Attachments":

6) File uploaded successfully notification:

7) File uploading cancelled notification:

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