Company Logo Resizer

Company Logo Resizer

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Company Logo Resizer

Geminate comes with a feature to resize company logo for 'Website', 'PDF Report', 'Login Screen' as per your need. you can add any number of height or width in pixels.

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Exciting Features

Customized company logo height and width in pixels
PDF Report company logo height and width in pixels.
Website company logo height and width in pixels
Login Screen company logo height and width in pixels
Easy to use and fully dynamic

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


1).Click Settings > Users and Companies > Companies

2).Select 'Logo Size(s)' tab.

3).Configure height and width for 'Website Company Logo', 'PDF Report Company Logo' & 'Backend Company Logo' in pixels.

4). Configured company logo in backend.

5). Configured company logo in Login Screen (Backend).

6). Configured company logo in website.

7).Configured company logo in PDF Report.

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