Customer Address Google Map

Customer Address Google Map

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Customer Address Google Map

Geminate comes with a feature to know the exact location of customers, vendors, or any contact using 'Google Map'. it will help to verify address of contact (partner_id) automatically. you just need to add the widget "partner_gmap_address" to see google map near contact (partner_id) field OR street field. just move the mouse pointer on the pin icon next to contact (partner_id) OR street field and it will display Google Map in popover. additionally it supports full capability of google map like directions, zoom in-zoom out, show satellite imagery etc.

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Exciting Features

Automatically verify address of contact (partner_id) field on Google Maps.
Just mouse hover on pin icon and see proper address of customers, vendors or contacts.
You can open google map in new tab by using 'View larger map'.
You can access the google map features like Directions, Show Satellite Imagery and many more.
Watch proper location using zoom-in and zoom-out.
Smart, Faster and Easy navigation from anywhere, anytime.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Sale > Add widget="partner_gmap_address" in 'partner_id' field to view Google map pin icon

Customer form view > Add widget="partner_gmap_address" in 'street' field to view Google map pin icon.

On hover of pin icon, Google map will show on particular address of contact.

Invoice > You can check google map pin icon in invoice of customer.

Purchase > Add widget="partner_gmap_address" in partner_id to view Google map.

Company > Add widget="partner_gmap_address" in 'partner_id' to view Google map.

Employee > Add widget="partner_gmap_address" in 'address_id' field to view Google map.

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