Document Push Notification

Document Push Notification

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Document Push Notification

Geminate comes with an amazing feature of Document Wise Push Notification from chatter. By using this feature, you can send document wise push notifications for configured database models and type of event configured either 'Comment' or 'System Notification'. there are two types of events available you can choose either 'Comment' or 'System Notification' to send notification.

Benefit of this feature is you can also select any database model to send the notification from the available list and set it anytime inactive or active as per your need.

When a notification is sent, it will display a notification popup with the "View" button to open the linked document directly instead of finding it manually.

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Exciting Features

User will receive document push notifications only when he is a follower of the document in chatter and he has enabled permission to receive notifications for your website.
Option to choose a model to send notifications to the selected model.
Instant user friendly notification unlike long boring emails.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

  • Go to Settings → Technical → Notification
    Click on Create button to create a "Document Push Notification" record.
    You can choose "Event" and "Model" whatever you want.
    There are two types of "Event" you can choose anyone like Comment or System notification.
    You can choose even any particular "Model" to send a notification.
    Go to Sales → Orders → Quotations
  • Click on "Send message" to open the chatter and enter the message whatever you want to send and click on the Send/ button to send a notification.
    When you click the "Send" button then it will display a notification popup.
  • You can also send a notification to "Log note". Click on "Log note" to open the chatter and entered a message wha/tever you want to send and click on the Log button to send a notification.
    When you click the "Log" button then it will display a notification popup.

    Note :- For more information about configuration refer to the Userwise Push Notification By Firebase.

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