Document Whatsapp Messaging

Document Whatsapp Messaging

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Document WhatsApp Messaging

Geminate comes with a facility for Document WhatsApp Messaging. This module is a powerful and versatile addition to the ERP platform, allowing seamless integration with the Facebook Graph API for sending real-time updates to users via WhatsApp. By leveraging the capabilities of the Facebook Graph API, this module enables efficient and automated communication with customers, ensuring timely delivery of important updates related to sales, invoices, and other custom fields.

By this Module, Users will receive instant WhatsApp notifications regarding any significant events in the ERP system, such as new sales orders, order confirmations, invoice generation, payment reminders, and more.

Document WhatsApp Messaging offers real-time insights into the status of each message, including successful deliveries, confirmations of orders, and any cancelled order attempts. This data allows businesses to monitor the effectiveness of their communication, ensuring that important updates reach their recipients and providing valuable feedback on customer engagement.

Experience the unparalleled convenience and enhanced productivity with our cutting-edge module for managing Document WhatsApp Messaging.Discover the power of efficient communication and stay ahead of the competition with our innovative solution.

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Exciting Features

Seamless WhatsApp integration
Detailed Delivery Messages
Customizable Model Selection for Messages
Relevant WhatsApp Updates.
Security and Data Privacy
Event-Based Triggers

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

Go to Users.

Facebook Graph API Details

"PHONE NUMBER ID" : Enter Phone Number ID from API

"Template" : Enter Template name from API

"Token" : Enter Authentication Token from API

Go to Email Marketing > Configuration > Document Whatsapp Message

Created a Record to Receive Whatsapp Messages.

After Creating Whatsapp Message record in Email-Marketing, An Automated action will be created !

Go to Contacts and Add Your Phone Number.

After Saving the Contact ,User Will get a Whatsapp Template.

Received Template Which configured in User.

Changing the Status of the Quotation to "Cancel"

Changed to "Cancel"

User will Receive a Whatsapp Message of cancellation of Order shown in below Image

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