Ecommerce Promotional Deals

Ecommerce Promotional Deals

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Website Sale Deals

Geminate comes with a feature to run promotional offers of product for certain time period. you can set various parameters like minimum order qty, maximum order qty and number of product qty on sale for particular deal. This offer will apply on ecommerce sale.

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Exciting Features

You can create Multiple Deals.
You can set duration by specifying start and end dates on individual deal.
You can set personalized tag of deal to highlight product's on offer.
You can set multiple product line or set pricelist on deal.
You can set percentage based discount or set fix price based discount on product line.
You can set Minimum Order quantity and Maximum Order quantity on individual product line and pricelist based product too.
You can set stock quantity of product line on deal.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Configure System Timezone for Administrator.

Go to Website -> Products -> Website Deals

Create a new deal.

You can create two type of deal either by creating manual product lines or by setting specific pricelist.

1) Manual Product Lines.

1) Compute Price (Percentage).

2) Compute Price ( Fix Price)

2) Pricelist

Go to SALES -> Products -> Pricelists.

Create pricelist.

1) Compute Price (Percentage).

2) Compute Price ( Fix Price).

Create a new deal.

Go to WEBSITE -> Shop -> Customize

Go to WEBSITE -> Today's Deals -> click on 'All Available' tab.

Maximum quantity limit warning.

Go to WEBSITE -> Today's Deals -> Click on 'Upcoming' tab.

Go to WEBSITE -> Today's Deals -> Click on 'Missed' tab.

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