eLearning Local Video Resume

eLearning Local Video Resume

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eLearning Local Video Resume

Geminate comes with a feature for eLearning local videos with resume capability. You can continue watching the video from wherever you paused at in video last time. so no need to begin the video from starting all the time. we are book marking your video played duration for you : )

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Exciting Features

You can upload local video in elearning slide.
Easy to upload local videos.
You can resume local videos.
User / Viewer based last played duration storing capability. so video starts from the same duration depending on the user/viewer who played it.
You can start with beginning if you don't want to resume from last played duration.
More user friendly and easy to user.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Go to eLearning -> Courses -> Courses.

Attach videos.

Create new slide.

Go to Website -> Courses.

Watch local video.

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