Geminate Base Import

Geminate Base Import

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Geminate Base Import

This module features to skip the rows of corrupted relational data without giving any error and process the file for remaining datas which are correct. When file is imported succesfully you can download the csv file of corrupted data if corrupted record exists in imported file.

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Exciting Features

Skip Rows which contains corrupted relational data.
Allow to download csv file if there is corrupted data in imported file.
Allow to delete One2namy records if its reference (id) is not mentioned in file. (Mainly useful to avoid duplication of records if same file is imported multiple times.)
Allow two types of file format for relational fields: 1) Detailed View. 2) Compact View.
Allow three types of data format for relational fields : 1) Database ID. 2) External ID. 3) Name / Number / Barcode.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


1) Before Import:

2) After Import:

3) Detailed View:

4) Compact View:

5) External Id Format:

6) Database Id Format:

7) Name / Number / Barcode Format:

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