Geminate Dental Management Calendar

Geminate Dental Management Calendar

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Geminate Dental Management Calendar

Geminate comes with the features of linking of odoo calendar synced with dental appointments which helps easy appointment reminders. the plus point of this is, you can sync your calendar with google calendar (standard in odoo) so doctors/patients can review their google calendar anytime and get notified. in addition, a patient appointment reminder is composed in the form of an automated text, email, or phone notification that informs patients for upcoming appointments. appointment reminders and notifications can help individuals to manage their health and healthcare goals by alerting them to schedule medical visits and screenings.

The advantage of this feature is that when your appointment is confirmed, it will appear on the calendar app and you can also change your appointment schedule from Calendar if you wish. an email or text message will be sent automatically when the reminder time arrives. you can suspend or unsubscribe for such notification mails using the link provided in email for as per your convenience after you logged in your account.

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Exciting Features

Send emails and SMS to remind each patient about the time and date of their appointment.
An email or text message will be sent automatically when the reminder time arrives.
Once a reminder comes, you can stop the reminder if you want.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

  • Go to Settings → General Settings
    You can add or create an appointment reminder for your appointment.
    Appointment reminders can be sent via email or SMS text message.
    Go to Dental Management → Consultation → Appointments
    Book Appointments
    When the appointment is confirmed, it appears on the Calendar app.
    Go to Calendar
  • If you wish to edit your appointment, you can also edit your appointment in a calendar.
  • Go to Settings → Technical → Emails
    The email or text message will be sent automatically when the reminder times arrive.
    If you want to stop the reminder then click on the blue line on the bottom of the mail.
    If you logged into another account and clicked on the blue line, it will show 400 bad request, so if you want to turn off the reminder you have to log into your respective account.
    When you logging in to your respective account then it shows below type of page.
    Before stop Reminder
    When you stop the reminder, a red circle will appear after that to indicate that you closed the reminder.

    Note :- For more information about configuration refer to the geminate dental management system.

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