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Google reCAPTCHA

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Google reCAPTCHA

Geminate comes with a feature to add google reCAPTCHA on Login page, Signup Page and Reset Password Page. by using this feature, google reCAPTCHA protects your website from fraud and abuse. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. main goal of this app is to check if a user is a real person or a bot. it is easy for humans to solve, but hard for bots and other malicious software to figure out.

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Exciting Features

Provides security of google reCAPTCHA on Login, Signup and Reset Password Page.
Stops bots and other automated attacks while approving valid users.
Easy for humans to solve but hard for bots and other malicious software to figure out.
Secure, Faster and Easy to use anytime with dynamic plug n play configuration.
Robust and Secure.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Settings > General Settings > Website.

Login Page

Signup Page

Reset Password Page

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