Hospital Clinic Management System

Hospital Clinic Management System

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Clinic Management System

Geminate comes with clinic management system with various type of functionality like managing clinic, doctor and patients informations with appointment booking and case overview after counsultation. Geminate also provides the details regarding doctor and clinics. Geminate provides clinic management system for particular one doctor and the clinic which is controlled by that particular doctor .

In clinic management system, we provide different users with their own responsibilities. For example, we have four different users which includes doctor, patient, reception and system-admin. Here, activities like appointment confirm and cancel can only be done by reception and case confirmation can be done by doctor. This facility is very helpful to restrict access and data which they can only have access to avoid security breach or privacy.

In clinic management system, we provide multiple fecilities but the most valuable facility is if patient has booked an appointment and at that time doctor is busy or doctor has some other work then doctor can cancel the the appointment and and the appointment would be saved as a draft and patient can book an appointment whenever patient wishes to book.

In clinic management system, we provide reports for certain functionality to analyze data and to help to track the previous record and we also provide inter linked facility like accounting and sales management to process a complete appointment up to payment with sale order, invoicing and stock management.

Exciting Features

A different role for users.
Supports only one doctor which can be provided by system admin after co-ordinating with the doctor.
Email to patients on appointments confirmation and cancellation.
Supports multiple patient and clinic information with appointment booking, case overview and payment after consultation.
Patient can receive their individual report and appointment as well as case report to analyze data and to keep the records.
Inbuilt accounting and sales management to process a complete appointment up to payment with sale order, invoicing and stock management.
Multiple user roles help to restrict the access and data to avoid security breach or privacy.
Doctor can cancel appointment due to any reasons and transfer that appointment to the draft.
Supports calendar for booking an appointment.
Patient can see the payment status on their dashboard whether patient has completed the payment or not.
Easy to configure and more user-friendly to use.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

App Configuration.

Go to Settings → General Settings → Manage Users
Click to Open
[ 1 ] System Admin - Doctor

Accessing Patient Information: Show scheduling Appointments select a Patient, and Verify that you can view the Patient's medical and Ortho history, personal information, and contact details.

Creating a Treatment Plan: Confirm the appointment and save the case after verifying that you can create a treatment plan by selecting procedures.

Treatment Documentation: Doctor consultation report and full case report

Invoice and Billing: Billing and payment processing.

Managing Schedule: You can view and manage your schedule, including scheduling Appointments, blocking off time, and managing Patient waitlists.

The system admin can create new user accounts, modify existing user accounts, and delete user accounts as needed.

Doctor or System Admin Role.

Clinic Management → Configuration → Working Time
Clinic Management → Configuration → Clinic
Clinic Management → Configuration → Doctor Profile
Clinic Management → Patients
Go to Settings → Users & Companies → Users
Create an Appointments from reception side, then show the Appointments in admin side.
Appointment will be saved as a Booked, so patient can book whenever needed.
Patient Appointment Report
Appointment confirmation will be sent to patient to their email.
Click on Cancel button
Admin can ask the Reason for the cancellation of appointment.
After adding the reason, the appointment will be Cancelled and can be seen in the cancellation stage.
After clicking the Reset to draft button, the appointment will be seen in the draft stage again and the admin can book the appointment again.
Appointment cancellation mail will be sent to patient and appointment cancellation details will also appear in patient Log Note.
Go to Clinic Management → Consultation → Cases
Cases will be auto generated, after the confirmation of appointments and doctor have an option to confirm the case and add Problem and Solution.
After admin confirm the case Done button will be visible and admin can add the Medicines with Price.
After the click on done sale order and invoice will be created for that patient.
Patient Case Report.
After case is done, but case record can not be deleted.

Reception Role.

Patient Registration: Reception staff should have access to patient registration features to add new patients to the system, update patient information, and view patient details.

Appointment Scheduling:Reception staff should be able to create, modify, and cancel Appointments for patients. They may also need to access the patient's treatment plan to schedule future Appointments.

Patient Check-in and Check-out:Reception staff should be able to check patients in for their Appointments and confirm that they have arrived for their scheduled treatment. They should also be able to check patients out and process payments.

Go to Clinic Management → Patients
Receptionist has only access to menus given below .
Create an Appointment and book a slot for the patient.
Receptionist can see the total Cases and Appointmens till date.
Receptionist can see their Appointments with appointment Status.
Receptionist can see their Cases with case Status.
Receptionist can see the their Case History with all important details.
After the click on any case, receptionist can see all the detalis regarding Problem and Solution.
After the click on any case, receptionist can see all the detalis regarding Medicine.
Receptionist can complete the payment, after clicking on Invoiced.
Receptionist can complete the payment, after create on confirm payment .
After receptionist complete the payment label will be changed from due → Paid
Patient individual report to get imformation about their invoice .
This treatment is completed by the receptionist.

Patient Role.

Patient Appointment: A patient can book the appointment, but cannot confirm it.

Patient Case: The patient can view the case but cannot create, edit or cancel it.

Go to Clinic Management → Consultation → Appointments
Create an appointment and Book Appointment Slot.
Go to Clinic Management → Consultation → Cases
The patient will be able to open the case and read only, but there was no change in the case.

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