Mail SMTP and IMAP + Alias Domain By Company Helpdesk

Mail SMTP and IMAP + Alias Domain By Company Helpdesk

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Email Alias with Multiple Domain and Multi Company - Helpdesk

Geminate comes with a feature to support company wise multiple alias domains for helpdesk teams which will create tickets from incoming emails when the incoming mail server is configured proper company specific. you can set multiple alias domains and their name in 'Helpdesk Team'. you can configure multiple email aliases with multiple domains and every email will fetch in the exact destination database table record as per configuration. no limit of single website domain based email aliases.

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Exciting Features

Supports helpdesk team with multi email alias and multiple domain with multi company.
Individual helpdesk team configuration for aliases.
Auto creation of helpdesk tickets from incoming mail server with help of multi domain alias.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Note :- Please follow functional flow from the screenshots attached on our #geminatecs app named with 'Mail SMTP and IMAP + Alias Domain By Company'. (already available as dependent app for this app)

Go to Helpdesk -> Configuration -> Helpdesk Teams.

Create new record.

Create new record.

Email compose box with all the email address (aliases) configured with different domain. so we can fetch incoming mail servers and pull the record company specific and domain specific.

Go to Helpdesk -> Tickets -> All Tickets.

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