Partial Manufacturing Order and Workorder Process

Partial Manufacturing Order and Workorder Process

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Partial Independent Work Order Process

Geminate comes with the features of Partial Independent Work Order Process. By the use of this feature, you can partially do the manufacturing process at work order level without generating a backorder. the beauty of this feature is, it allows you to process any workorder with partial quantity regardless of the sequence of chained work orders based on route or work centers. Now you can partially process work orders without creating backorders, so it will save time and make it easier to process your manufacturing orders.

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Exciting Features

No more forcefully back orders.
Independent process of workorder without regardless of route sequence of workcenter.
The consumed quantity indicates the value of the last work order production.
You can save time by creating backorders and simplifying the complicated process.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

  • Go to Manufacturing → Operations → Manufacturing Orders.
    Click the Create button to create the Manufacturing Orders.

    The state will change from draft to confirmed, and the quantity of the components will be reserved when you click the confirm button.

    Go to Manufacturing → Operations → Manufacturing Orders.
    Click on 'Work Orders' page.
    The Work Orders view will open when you click the button.
    You can process your work orders with partially completed or fully completed depending on your preference.
    For partially completed work orders, there is no need to create backorders, you can directly do your work orders with a partially completed quantity. For other left work orders, no backorder will be created.

    For partially completed work orders.
    You can put a quantity of partially done and how many work orders you will be producing for partially done.
    Click on the 'RECORD PRODUCTION' button to production for partially done work orders.

    To continue with the production of other left work orders, click the 'Continue' button.

    For fully completed work orders.
    If you want to produce full work orders, click the 'MARK AS DONE' button.

    You can now see the 'Status' of your work orders and her progress on the work orders page. There are no backorders created for other left work orders.

    On the Components page, you can see the partially consumed quantity.
    Consumed quantity shows the production of the last work order. For Example: If you produce 4 quantities out of 5 for the last work order, the manufacturing order will show consumed quantity 4. As well, it will display 'To Consume' quantity 4/5.

    Fully work orders done.

    Once you complete your work orders, all of the amount will be 'Consumed'.
    Click on 'MARK AS DONE' button to complete the manufacturing order without creating back orders.

    When you click on the 'MARK AS DONE' button, your state will be moved from the To Close to the Done stage. This will ensure that your manufacturing order will be done without creating backorders.

    Note :- The same process applies to the No Tracking, By Lots, and By Unique Serial Number Tracking products.

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